A way to raise the arms on Ergo Chair 2?

Hi Autonomous and community! I have my new Ergo Chair 2 and so far really enjoying it.

One problem I’ve found is the armrests are really too low for me. I’m quite a tall person, the chair fits me just fine, but the maximum height on the arm rests is still about an inch below my elbows.

Has anyone figured out a way to raise the armrests further? I could probably print / add some more arm padding to fill in the gap, but I’m finding myself slouching forward so my arms can rest on the rests (saving my wrists) and that’s no good.



Hi there, I am Joana from Autonomous. Thank you for your feedback. I’m trying to consider all the scenarios that could possibly happen. Can you check your sitting position if it’s proper or not? Something about your knee should be 90 degrees from the floor? :face_with_monocle:

Hey @dbelfershevett I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the Ergo so far. Aside from @joana response, I’ve seen many customers use this cushion for their arm rest. Maybe you could consider this as a temporary solution to the problem you’re having.

We’d be glad to jot down this feedback and consider it further for the future ErgoChair :innocent:

Underneath the armrests on the outsides of the chair, there are two tab sticking out. If you push these upwards, the lock on the vertical armrest releases, allowing you to pull them up or push them down.

I’m also considering 3D printing a TPU addon, simply because one option is too short and the other is too tall, there’s only 6 different height positions.