A Wild Pod Appeared In Our Office! Let Us Know What You Think!

For more information of the Pod project, please go to Pod Project Kick-off.

We just had a wild weekend at Autonomous office: We assembled the Pod! This is a more complete look of the Pod we want to achieve. Of course this is still a sample, and the components were not machine-processed so it took us a little bit longer to refine some details during the assembly

To be honest, we were quite happy with how it turned out. Fun fact! We made the stepping blocks, too! We’re thinking this Pod will be a Pod Play, where our Autonomous staff can come inside to play games and relax. But I don’t know, management might think differently.

There are still details that need further refinement, this is still a sample, after all. We want to keep things plain so you can customize its interior to your liking. Let us know what you think! Should we sell the backyard decorations, also?


Whoa that’s coming along nicely! I like the 3 windows on the side and the sliding door.

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Super cool! I really like the color combo on this one, and yes the sliding door is awesome. Since you all will be installing this for people, you could definitely option it with decorations, stepping stones, etc. I could also see a really cool option being some lighting that would go around your stepping stones to guide you to the pod and some uprights shining on the pod to illuminate it when working late at night,


Take my money. I’m sold. I really like this design. Only things I can think of here would be to make sure the floor/walls/ceiling are insulated from heat/cold/pests, and a skylight would be a nice add on too.

What’s the overall floor plan look like - what’s behind the paneled walls? If it’s a heating/cooling unit, those can be mounted exterior to the structure (in the USA).

I wouldn’t bother with selling the “extras” - those can be marketed to people in local areas by the installer/landscaper team as desired I guess.

Very cool stuff.


Roger pretty much summed up my feelings on it. Interior extras i’d have (things like that skylight option he mentioned)- exterior extras I would let that be an upsell from the install team based on the local market. I would certainly think about what kinds of things you would want in those kinds of packages - but availability might vary so much for some items in some markets that you don’t want to end up delaying peoples things by a long time because they picked an exterior item that will take 6 more weeks to get to them than the pod itself would. Love the material and color combo though. really sharp looking.


Here are some photos by night:


@Michael_Lemus Really glad you like it. Also, we have a USB hub in the Pod! Sorry for the bad photo quality.

The switch next to the hub is for the ventilator, which you can see in the second photo. That closet is for electricity stuff and is not done yet. Will update once it’s done. Here’s a rough idea how it looks inside atm.

@clarkllc We have some lighting for the steps but not for the small stepping palettes yet, I think it needs to be smaller than the current ones we’re using (you can see @anbui’s photos above). And here’s some photos of how it looks from inside.

@RChang Yep we make sure that the walls/floors/ceiling are insulated. We haven’t included the heating/cooling unit yet, still working on where to put them.

I agree on the extras. It’s more on people preference’s so maybe we can partner up with brands to sell those along with this Pod.

@mark.l.ammons We’re still kinda unsure about selling the extra, the best we can do is partner up with brands or source them and sell with the Pods. However, quality is the main concern so we’re not sure if we should risk this. And yeah agree about the shipping.

We kinda want to have it this way, so people can customize it to their liking, like carpets, wallpaper and stuff. So this is just a plain Pod.

We’ll be back with detailed process of how it’s assembled!


Wow that’s coming along nicely. The electrical outlet in the floor was a great idea, keeps the wires from the desk nice and neat. The inside view looking out is nice as well. I thought the 3 windows would limit the view out but in combination with the sliding door that’s more than enough light. Nicely done!

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Thanks for the update and photos @anbui and @hung.t. It really does look awesome, excited to see how this project progresses.

Looks great. I like the large cupboard where the electrical run is, easy to access and could maybe even hide a desktop-sized PC in there. The floor electrical outlet got me thinking - what about some underfloor chases or raceways for cable management - ethernet, power, video, audio cables for example.


Great project! Please update when the electric closet is done. I’d love to know how you organize that closet for safety, and aesthetic reasons.

Also in the last photo, there seems to be a step above next to the desk, can we have a better look at it? What do you want to do with that step?

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I’ll get a photo of that for you tmr haha! Basically, it looks like this, without the cushion above, of course.


But generally, this is what we have in mind when we design this area. You can use it as a bench for reading, or just a storage space for your stuff. I think there are lots of potential when you get to use this space.

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+1 for a small skylight. It can help with air circulation too if it can open when sliding door is open.

I would want an ethernet outlet on the outside and inside where you can run an ethernet cable to plug in to the pod and then have an ethernet outlet inside as well. It would be nice to have the ability to attach a pole to the roof to attach a line-of-sight wireless internet equipment (Unifi Nanostation, etc) or overhead electrical lines.

I’m curious how electricity is connected to the pod (is an extension cord enough or will it need buried professionally installed electric).

Wow, that looks fantastic! I would probably orient my desk so I could look out the sliding glass door to get the best view. But maybe that would be too might brightness behind my monitor.

Would it be possible to get a fourth vertical window–or narrow the gap between the windows–for a little more visibility on that side? :+1:

Thank you and @abstractpenguin for the interest and feedback. As much as I would like to have a skylight for the pod (take a look at this Pod out in nature, who wouldn’t want a better look at this view?), this design is currently finalized and we can only make minor changes to it. By adding the skylight, we need to review the structure of the Pod, placement of the skylight on the “roof,” air and heat circulation as well as suitable material for a skylight (which will face the sun directly!).

However, the team really like this skylight idea and will take it into consideration for the next version :star_struck:


Is this what you’re talking about?

We tried having ethernet outlets with the Pod but it didn’t work out quite well. For this design, we’d recommend using a wifi booster to connect to the main house’s wifi.

We wouldn’t want to add or change too much to this design, as this is targeted towards the general population, who may or may not need all the technical things you listed. They’re nice to have, I agree. So if you want additional installation, we’ll be providing a 2D blueprint of the electrical system of the Pod, so you can alter it as you want with safety (however it might affect our warranty policy!). You can also utilize the vent for the AC should you not need it (we have another vent for airflow) for additional wires you want to add to the pod.

For electricity, we’ll provide an extension cord so you can connect the house’s main electrical system with the Pod outlet. The cord is weather-proof so you won’t need to be worried about having it outside.

Sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker so I might get some technical terms wrong :sweat_smile:

And to answer @abstractpenguin, maybe you can add a curtain or a blackout vinyl to your liking :smiley:. For the window, I understand your point. However, if we add a fourth vertical window, or ‘thin-down’ the gap between the windows, the wall will not be strong enough to support the roof of the pod.

We cannot add the fourth window to the left because of the glass door joint with the wall. We cannot add another to the left because (a-hem), this wall comprises 3 wooden wall panels, the first window is of the first, the second and third windows are of the second, and, you guessed it, none on the third. Because if we add another one on the third panel, the gap between the windows will be uneven, and that doesn’t look quite nice. Let me show you how it is in the photo below.

I marked where the panels joined, it might look uneven, but it’s actually because of the angle this photo was taken at

So, the fourth window cannot be in the joint. Also, the gap between the windows are quite narrow irl. In addition, too many glass windows take off the strength of the wall that is used to support the roof.

I hope my answer solve your questions :smile: Please keep in mind that we will take note all of your comments into consideration for future upgrade. Cheers!

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What problems did you have with Ethernet? I install Ethernet jacks for a living maybe I could give you some advice, there’s a lot of interesting ways to mount and wire them, both using on the market solutions or some home made components. depending on your structure and limitations. You could even do a mesh repeater WiFi based ethernet jack if you’re that limited. It really shouldn’t be too hard, even in later stages of design, I think it’s really important, all the offices I do construction work in refuse to have an office or desk w/o an ethernet jack, since they do VoiP landline phones off of it. I often get called in to rip out the floor, ceiling and walls to install cat5 & a jack.

Do you guys need like soundproofed wall plates or something? I can manufacture a couple thousand for you for pretty cheap. I can do custom ethernet anything, from the plates to keystones to anything else, any shape, size, colour or material, I’d charge like <$1-$5 per component depending on complexity, just let me know.

It will be an easy modification for a buyer to drill through the walls to install ethernet. But for a modern workspace, not including a hard wired internet outlet seems like an oversight. Internet access is important to most modern workers so this pod should show that internet access has been considered as a central point to its design.

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I mean I’d assume as much, but if a user can just drill a hole in the wall then why can’t they? They said they had problems, will users run into these same problems (such as significantly reduced noise cancelation) only for Autonomous to blame “user modification”?

Curious exactly what problems they ran into. Also if they’re suggesting users run the cables through the vents they better mention the plenum requirement lest they run into legal trouble.

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Wow this is a beautiful space. If I had the space I would snatch as soon as possible. Perfect for those who need to have minimal distractions while working and getting them closer to outdoors which we know boosts our mood.

The future is bright here.

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