Artists Desks

I love my desk and chair from you guys,. but I also have a horrible drafting table that I would like to change.

If you came out with an artists /drafting table I’d be really psyched but it would have to have:

  1. adjustable tilt top with a large surface area
  2. maybe tempered glass, with underside adjustable LED lighting
  3. height adjustable for sitting or standing
  4. quick attach t-square
  5. quick attach paint, brush holders, pens, etc.
  6. quick attach speakers? :smiley:
  7. at least two USB ports and 1 HDMI port

Yo @urokidd, that’s definitely a game changer. I do agree with you at some points.

  1. Adjustable tilt top is super helpful! My consideration is how to modify it in order to interact with the motor legs. Surely it’s on our top considered list
  2. Tempered glass with LED lightning underside sounds nice. Well, delivering it might be a high risk management for us :sweat_smile:
  3. We certainly have ability to do this! We are offering the SmartDesk Frame as you can combine with the Artist top
  4. T-square top: Is it really nescessary in your opinion?
  5. We can get a combo of an Artist desk and accessories included. :wink:
  6. We received a few recommendation about this. Our Product house is researching on the solution.
  7. You meant direct on the tabletop? Or should it be the additional items?
  1. Automated on L/R side hydraulic arms would be great but maybe a hand-crank would be a better option
  2. Did the math. Risk is low. Alternatively double-coated abrasion resistant acrylic sheeting some come with integrated black to white LED lighting
  3. Copy
  4. Is was a variable I threw in to see what you’d come back with, but no not really
  5. Awesome! Bcoz I found this horrible desk but it had stuff on the side that kinda makes sense…
  6. GR8 - whats there ETA on that? Is it Bluetooth? Is it like a soundbar?
  7. Emmm… I’ll have to think about that one a little more. top L/R side of the desk. that way I can hook up my speakers, charge my phone, connect my graphics tablet to my monitor to TV…
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Very intersting, I admit!

  1. The most ideal solution for this is to control the tilt angle and height of the tabletop by the motor with the keypad equipped. Once we can do this, further future could be control via mobile application (We have an app that adjust the height of the SmartDesk already :stuck_out_tongue: ). @ha.nguyen @long Do you think this is possible?
  2. Resistant acrylic sounds like a plan. We may test this hypothesis. In the business, this might be a niche market. However, it’s worth to try :muscle:
  3. In case you need, here is the link:
  4. We have the SmartDesk Corner which has a similar concept with this. except it comes with massive additional T-square top. Another idea probably is make the “T-square” top of the Corner tiltable. Hmmmm…
  5. @hong.hoang Do you think we can make a combo of Artist Desk and quick attach paint, brush holders, pens, etc.?
  6. I have no further info but a sketch note. Maybe @long and @ha.nguyen can share more with us.
  7. Comparing cost saving between purchasing a hub device vs a tabletop that have these ports? Also, thinking of the cable management of your front/side desk in this case.

Hi @joana and @urokidd ,

We are actually looking into the tilt mechanism and developing it since SmartDesk Junior. Glad to hear that it would be a great addition for artists as well :slight_smile:

Though, this is quite an expensive function that requires a lot of safety so R&D is taking more time. But we’re getting there!

Would love to know your thoughts @urokidd what would be your ideal size for the tilting surface? By “quick attach paint, brush, holders, pens,”, you mean a proper area to store art tools on the desk top?