Automatic stand reminders

Have the desk automatically switch to a stand position to remind you to stand up every hour.


This is a great idea. If you combine it with the LED light strip controller idea you could have a customized visual alert which is nice, because then you won’t have an annoying chime sound in the background of any work meeting video calls.

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@Angel_Garcia @RChang We actually plan to have this with our SmartDesk 4, with which you can customize your sit-stand session and the desk will automatically adjust to that. Unfortunately, it got canceled. But very soon we’ll have another line on the calendar with will take care of this! I’ll make sure to tag you in while I have more info about it.

On the other hand, is there any tweaks you would like to add to this reminder/sit-stand scheduler? Like tracking your hours or some statistics? I think lots of people love to see what they’ve achieved!

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I saw the SmartDesk 4 product announcement and thought it was pretty nice. I am not a fan of mobile apps tied to physical hardware as they rely too much on operating system capability. I would prefer a physical interface to operate my desk functions.

I think other people might like to be able to use the desk sit/stand function as a tracker of some kind but for me it’s not necessary and I wouldn’t buy a product unless the physical functions are solid.