Autonomous Chair XL

An chair that sits taller and is wider, with a higher weight capacity.


Great idea! And maybe another version for petite people too? We’ve heard a lot of customers asking for this!

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Yes, this! I’m 6’ 7" and the autonomous chair is a nice chair, but if I sit in it with good posture, the lumbar support (adjusted all the way up) is just pushing on my hips, and the neck rest (also all the way up) is across my shoulders. So I end up slouching, and my lower back hurts a bit by the end of the day.

6’5" here - and I know even with larger wheels, the highest just isn’t high enough to keep a ergonomic posture.

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@kapre88 @TechJeeper Fair point! I’m tagging @long, he’s taking care of the chair matters here at Autonomous. Maybe he’ll have something to say about this.

Hey @TechJeeper and @kapre88, thanks for your input!

We’ll be thinking about this. Making things larger can increase the cost a little bit, to be honest, but if there’s a demand, we might actually implement this.

Do you have any improvements in mind for the chair except for making it taller, wider and higher weight capacity? Or would you want it to be the exact same as the original ErgoChair?

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A stiffer spring in the recline mechanism would set it apart in the industry, make it feel like I can lean back without falling back. If you need someone to bounce design ideas off or test anything, feel free to reach out - I’d be happy to help!

Now that we’re thinking of gaming chair, we’ve seen gaming chair brands offer different sizes for their chair instead of one-size-fit-all, so why don’t we do that? We’re definitely reaching out to you for further discussion of this if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Also it would be a shame if ideas from people like you do go unnoticed, with no clear plan and communication. @anbui is working on that (reward program, development process…) so we’re sorry if we’ve been late on reply. We really hope to see you more here :smiley:

Looking forward to it! Thanks :slight_smile: Autonomous rocks!

@long The hydraulics are finally starting to give out in my ergo pro because I’m a little over the weight limit (330 ish) love the chair if it could stay at the right height all day, any updates on a XL version or even a upgrade kit for the existing hydraulics?