Bed/Couch table for Laptop

Lot of people work from home or sometimes they have to work during their off hours. As a Software Engineer myself, Sometimes I am tired of sitting in a chair all day and want to sit on couch or bed whenever I am doing any trivial or less intensive tasks on my laptop. However I always struggle with keeping the laptop on my lap as it runs hot and looking down on the screen hurts my posture. A small lightweight foldable desk fixes all these issues and it would be a great addition to the existing products provided on your site. I know there are many bed tables/desk available in the market. But there are none with a sleek and minimal design like other autonomous products. Just an Idea.


lol i know, right? i’ve long for a lying desk where i can lie down and work/read at the same time. I often struggle between whether I should sit on my chair or lie down on my couch to read a paper for work. Either way is uncomfortable for that type of works and makes me distracted. and i totally agree that it should be something accessories. getting another bulky desk just for that purpose might be too much for a home office.