Control Cover needed (for the up,down and memory system)

Hello, I had an idea that could add some value to your current work from home customer base. Is there a way we can work on a cover for that control since I have toddlers at home that like to keep pressing things. I know a simple cover can stop that if provided in a cost effective way instead of relocating the actual control piece. The cover can slide or even lift up when you want to change settings. Please let me know if we can start this added feature.


Hi @christian.misa, that sounds nice. Definitely works well for WFH parents. We can either (1) create a buttons combo to activate “block” status or (2) cover it with your suggested device.

The SmartDesk Hybrid can be controlled through the app so it’s easier if we go for the (1). But other SmartDesks will need the cover tho.

Do you have any picture of it, may I ask?

Hello, I don’t have a picture of an alternative but maybe a clear cover that stops a random person/child from pressing those, up, down, 1, 2,3,4 memory buttons. At the moment I think I may just relocate the entire control to the top. My son loves clicking the buttons when I am away. Another way would be to add a lock feature or a hold for 5 seconds to lock the controls would be nice.

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Hey @christian.misa, I can understand that clearly.

@nancy and @ha.nguyen are researching on new accessories product line for Autonomous. I believe this could help thousands of WFH parents to be less distracted by their kids.

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