Desk back wall panel

I hate knocking things off the back of my desk and having a large stand sitting on my desk. I would love having a wall attachment that I could clamp to the back of my desk to then mount my monitor(s) and backlight with some cool LEDs.

The wall should be able to be added to a standing desk without damage, support a ultra wide screen monitor on a vesa mount, and have cable routing near or through the vesa mount.


Hey @scafetaylor, got your idea.

  1. You are right that the back should be included in the desk package. I am considering the material to make it stable and configurable for all type of monitors ( Vesa mount or non-vesa mount)
  2. With this design, you can only place the desk face-to-face with the wall. It might be the pros and cons. Also. considering if you want to adjust your monitors sometimes. Sticking it to the wall looks nice but lack of convenience (of course this is my personal thought)

Would love to discuss further with you about this :smiley:

Hi Joana, Here are my thoughts on your feedback

  1. I was thinking the back would be an add on that would be available in the same colors and materials the desks are made of.

  2. The wall may need to have additional structural support where the VESA mount(s) would be placed and would probably need a few options.

  3. For configuration, with a dual monitor system, support arms could be used for the adjustment. Here is an example of a product that could be added onto a wall.

  4. For a single center mount (for ultra wide screens or single monitor users), a support arm or adjustable vertical mount could be used. A vertical only mount would be good for people who only want their monitor in the center but still have some adjustment. It also helps for heavy monitors and deep monitors.

  5. As I was thinking this would be an add on, I think that the choice to purchase this product would indicate that this will be going face-to-face with a wall.

  6. Depending on the wall’s material, it may also be easy enough to just produce a back wall that clamps on the back of the desk with no built in VESA supports. Then the user could then drill and attach supports where desired.

Hope these ideas help!

Taylor Scafe

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That’s very informative @scafetaylor :star2:

  1. @ha.nguyen Can we make a pegboard with movable dowels in a firm material?
  2. That’s what I was trying to say
  3. Yes, I’m thinking of optimize the design of our current arm ( the connections and attachement) to be more flexible.
  4. @nancy This could be an option for us.
  5. Yes, or we can think of placing them face-to-face with each other in the workspace enviroment: privacy provided, convenient enough to put whatever things you want on the back wall.
  6. We are doing this option for the SmartDesk Junior. Perhaps, @ha.nguyen can initiate a new item specialized for other SmartDesk :smiley:

Looking for more discussions with ya.