Does your company help you with work from home transition?

Could be anything. Providing a budget to set up your home office, new policies, helping in delivering the gears and equipment to your place, etc.

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I heard about a company that allowed their employees to bring their work PC home. They took care of all the delivery and paperwork!


my place gives us a certain amount to shop and gear up our work from home setup.

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I asked for a dock to use with my work laptop that would connect my existing monitors. I didn’t want the hassle of asking them for actual screens, but in hindsight it wouldn’t have hurt at all. When I go into the office, which is 2x days a week now (vs. 0 days) I have 2x 27" screens and a narrower desk, so my orientation on the screens is different.

Personally I think companies who are actively downsizing their physical spaces should look to pass those savings onto the employees via an equipment or fitness-related stipend.