Ergo Chair 2 is garbage and cannot be returned

Bought this chair in black based on the reviews and description. It really looked good and I had high hopes for it. Well it came in fairly quickly and I was impressed as I was putting it together. BUT Once I started sitting in it I realized very quickly that it is a piece of plastic junk no better than anything you’d get from the cheapest knock off factory in China. First of all it squeaks horribly. Every pivot point creaks and groans with every move you make. I cannot imagine a whole office full of these things. People on the phone constantly ask me what the noise is. I keep trying to oil or grease it but it only helps a little for a short time. Second, the left arm is slightly lower than the right arm so the stops for the adjustments don’t line up. Third the head rest isn’t square to the back of the chair. It’s off slightly so that when your head is on it , it feels like your head is tilted Also the arm rests themselves are just bad. I mean really bad. This is hard to describe but they are sort of cupped on the top where your arm rests so that your arm is in a sort of trough. I can see how that might be appealing to a designer but the bad part is that the inner high part of the trough closest to your body is the high part so that when I put my arm down on the arm rest I literally slide right off it . I do this once or twice a day and it’s really quite jarring and not good for an “ergonomic” chair to say the least. The last thing I will say is that the cushion on the seat is way too thin. I don’t have a particularly bony rear end and I’m not overweight but I need to get up out of this chair frequently in the run of a day to relieve my aching tush. It’s really REALLY not good.

So , in closing, do yourselves a favour and run away from this chair as fast as you can. I paid just about $500 CA and feel like I’ve been ripped off badly. When I emailed the company about 2 weeks after getting it to complain, I was offered a $30 voucher. What the hell good is that?

Do not buy this chair. I warn you. You see nothing but 5 star reviews but I’m telling you, it is NOT a 5 star chair.


YES! Similar complaints. My entire chair leans to the left, wobbles and tilts despite every screw tightened to the max. Super frustrating

Hi @woflgang1756, thanks for letting me know. Please accept my apologies on behalf of my team for the lack of communication. May I ask what is your order ID so I can assist you better? The team will reach out to you asap to get your issue resolved.

Only problems I’ve had is the arm rests not staying in place and being too loud, and the headrest randomly smashing downwards when i rest my head on it, causing an extremely loud cracking sound my neighbors can hear, wakes up everyone in the house and often causes me painful whiplash. I can’t use the headrest anymore because it’ll just randomly injure me lol.

Who’s brilliant idea was it to use a frickin zip tie mechanism to keep the head in place? This chair could technically permanently paralyze me at any time, just because I decided to rest my head. All you have to do is sit in it for 5 minutes and all the issues are glaringly obvious, and the worst part is it’d take less than $5 in materials to fix.