Ergo Stool Question for users—

I’m considering getting the Ergo Stool for a recording booth where I’ll spend most of my time standing up. I would appreciate your input on two elements:

  1. Does the base slip on rugs? The floor of the booth is padded shag carpet, and having it slip from under me would be really, really bad.

  2. Does it squeak or make noise when you shift in it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Michael. Thank you for your interest in our stool. I would like to answer your question:

  1. Our stool base is made by durable nylon plastic. We recommend the best is to use on sturdy surfaces. However, you can also use on rugs but we don’t recommend to use with the maximum height of the stool.
  2. It doesn’t make any noise. If there’s any other question feel free to share with us! Thank you!
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