Ergochair 2 Accessories

I’m just curious if it makes sense to have accessories that go over the chair, such as a soft, breathable slipcover over the headrest, back, and seat. Also, it can be customizable and nicer looking at times; to be honest, it can be a bore to look at…

From what I understand, it’s like clothes for the chair, right? I think we can consider doing that but with limited edition. From my marketing point of view, I believe it can only perform well if it’s a collection item or limited edition. What do you think?

From product point of view, it might be hard to make clothes for a chair like Ergo that would look good. But only product team knows haha. However, this could be overcome by producing limited edition headrest, replaceable seat…Does that make sense?

I could see this being purchased by current users of the chair who are wanting so solve some of the issues they have, so yes limited edition wouldn’t be a bad idea. I also know the market for this is quite limited so it may be a tough sell.

Agree. But I’m not sure with the issue you mentioned. Is it like people want different look as OP said?

Some had mentioned that they had heat (sweat) issues from sitting in their chair for a long period of time, that is really the only “issue” that I have heard of. The main reason would be the aesthetics I assume.