ErgoChair Pro+ squeaks

Purchased this ErgoChair Pro+ last December and arrived some time mid January 2021, and been on it every day working from home due to Covid. That said, it’s a nice chair and it did help my back, however, one major issue I have for the past months is the loud squeaking noises. It is now to the point I am getting annoyed as I have constant conference call and whenever I sit back, the squeaks are loud enough for others on the call to hear. Not sure how to remediate that. If it’s a weight issue that may be the cause, I’m 160lbs, so I highly doubt that would the case. So pretty much my zen of comfort for this product is out the window unless there’s something I can remediate this constant squeaking whenever I sit back (not even rocking back and forth on it). If there’s nothing I can fix this, then this is NOT worth the price and comfort since this ErgoChair Pro+ is definitely not cheap to have.

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Thank you for your review. And I’m very sorry for the inconvenience with your chair. Could you please send me an email with your order number and provide me a video/pictures demonstrating this issue to so I could help you look into this? It would be a great help for us to understand the situation and better assist you. Thank you.

I have the exact same issue - for months now. Just with an ErgoChair 2, though, but they seem pretty similar.

I already have tried to put some WD40 on many joints, but it did not help at all. From what I can identify, there are multiple points squeaking:

  • The “3D-armrests”
  • The backrest/baseplate connection
  • Maybe some other connections on the baseplate

Do you have some tips on how to / where to apply lubricants to remove the squeaking?

Greetings from Germany,

Daniel Albuschat