[Feedback Needed] Hybrid Software v.0.1 Calling For Feedback!

Hi everyone,

We’re thrilled that the first version of Hybrid is here. Come check it out at https://hybrid.autonomous.ai/!

For more information about the Hybrid project, please visit this topic.

Project Status

Mar 29th - End of Early Adopters-exclusive feedback period (thanks to everyone for such valuable feedback)

We’re now open for public feedback. Join away!

Apr 7th - Reach out to businesses for business version feedback


  1. Sign up for an account. Make sure to choose Team admin
  2. Test as admin first. You can test the invitation feature by inviting another email address of yours.
  3. Log out of the account.
  4. Login using the email you invited or using the same email address you used to log in as admin.
  5. Test team member features.

:warning: Make sure you create an admin account first

More Information


What features will be focusing on to test?

As admin:

  • Creating workspace map: dragging, dropping objects
  • Invite team members
  • Book a workstation/meeting room as an admin
  • Email notification

As team member:

  • Book a workstation
  • Book a meeting room
  • Email notification

Who is the wanted population?

This is currently open for anyone interested in testing new Autonomous products for feedback of end-user about this idea and some early features. However, we’re looking forward to seeing HR people and employees of companies joining us.

What will be done after this testing ends?

We collect feedback continuously. However, we will release a new app version every 2 weeks. I will post a mod notice for everyone to follow.

All feedback in a version will be collected and action items will be determined by the dev team. I will then publish a summary of all feedback plus the next steps in the process.

You can find all feedback and action items of all versions here.

:question: What are the questions we’re looking for answers?

Please also include in your feedback whether you log in as an admin or as a team member!

  • How do you feel about the system overall?
  • Would this work/help your business/company?
  • Which features are good/not good? What do we need to improve?
  • What features should be added to Hybrid?


(to be updated)

If you have anything else you want to feedback, we’d love to hear (including the details of this post, if it needs more info). You can also tag @nktam , project lead, to ask more questions. Sound of your feedback below using the Reply button!


So immediate feedback - text size on the wall widget is to small at default zoom level. Also when putting down walls, once it detects that a room has been finished (you can see this is being checked for because they fill in the square/rectangle - it needs to release the wall tool. You can see in the picture attached - i went to make a room with four walls and then went to click the save button and this is what I got: image

NOTE ON ABOVE: This is the result of operator error - however it is the likely way that the action would initially occur. Recommend making the help icon info (?) pop up on initial load.

Also have a toggle either on the drawing surface itself or over where the widgets for dropping items are to toggle between imperial and metric. Most US companies will have their drawings in imperial units. I will continue evaluating but wanted to get those first two in as soon as I could.


Once you get past that the initial interface is fairly decent. It’s easy to place your items and make a floor plan - it correctly detects desks and meeting rooms and defaults to 2 hour booking periods.

One thing that may rapidly get annoying for team admins is the fact that when they book things themselves they do get two messages. One for them having booked - another for a member of their team having booked even though it was them.

Would also like to see some options for the desk and meeting room widgets in the next iteration - ones that represent the various smartdesks as well as longer meeting room tables.

To specifically answer some of the questions however:

How do you feel about the system overall?
It is a relatively easy way to map out a basic working environment

Would this work/help your business/company? My company is still in the everyone at work all the time, although it would be useful for completely different purposes (I can look up a desk and see who it is currently assigned to and hopefully it will have the number for the phone at that desk).

Which features are good/not good? What do we need to improve? I would like to see the toggle for measurement units. The desk and meeting room widgets need multiple options as not all meetingrooms and desks will be the same. Particularly the meeting rooms - some will hold 8 people - some will hold 15. Being able to see that visually from the start (even if it is just a small medium large option) would be nice. I do still think the wall widget should autostop when you complete a room without requiring the esc button but that may just be personal preference from other floorplan applications I’ve used.

What features should be added to Hybrid? The ability to mark locations as corporate or coworking. Having this distinction would be good for adding additional features for your corporate users - such as being able to have people assigned to teams and having visible lists of the times that people on your team would be present in the office on a particular day. Whereas for coworking spaces - that’s not information that is needed. The only people that need to know that are the people running the checkin desk or managing the facility.


I’m stuck in a login loop. I said that I was a team member and now I can’t get access in because there’s no team lead in my “domain”. :joy:

Seems like we just made some changes. Let me ask the team and get back to you. Can you check out the admin side?

Meanwhile, @mark.l.ammons, did you log in as team member of as admin? Seems like we need testers to clarify when they log in as admin or as team member.

I have one account as each for testing purposes. Made my admin one first, although they should definitely make it where I can be both on a single account because while I may own a space, I might also be a tennant in someone else’s space when on travel for instance.

My feedback was from being logged in as an admin though. I just made the other to see what people see when something is already booked by someone else.

Oh, and the email notifications for my reservation starting soon have shown up so that is nice - on both accounts.

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@anbui I can’t be an admin with the same email address, if you have already created an account as a team member. Makes sense.

First impressions, account and location creation process is easy and elegant.

  1. What are the units? My default “dimensions” are 2000 x 3000, but I don’t know units that is in.
  2. The help bubble at the bottom right gets in the way of the arrows and the dimensions.
  3. How do you delete things? I added too many conference rooms and couldn’t figure out how to delete them without starting all over.
  4. I would like to be able to change the orientation of the workstations, so they would be facing each other in certain areas.
  5. An area for some instructions would be great, like 27" monitor and HDMI cord provided, please bring your own computer and charge. Just something where the office manager is able to add info about each station.
  6. I would assume that users who log in would have their phone number attached to their account, but I am just thinking it would be nice to have a text AND email reminder when you book a station, a reminder at a set time before your booking starts (you could even have a space where users input their commute time) so that 10 minutes before they are supposed to leave the house it reminds them of their booking. This would also be helpful if the booking has to be cancelled for any reason.

I really like the concept! Unfortunately I am a one man band and WFH so I wouldn’t be able to utilize a software like this until further into the future. Keep up the great thinking!

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for #3 - click on the item and then hit the delete key on your keyboard. #4 - the little dot when you click on the item let’s you rotate it.

My guess on the 2000x3000 is that it’s centimeters since that’s what the Wall tool is using.

@mark.l.ammons @RChang @clarkllc Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m the Hybrid project leader and I’m here to address your points :grin:

@anbui will update the initial thread with the replies I got here.

Now with the feedback!

:white_check_mark: Noted. This will be included in the next updates.

:ballot_box_with_check: Noted. However we’re unable to do this at the moment due to the plugin of this tool, yet we think this could improve the UX so we’ll find a way.

:white_check_mark: Will include this in the next update.

We figure that people won’t likely read the instruction if it doesn’t pop up when you enter the mapping tool, so this is a great add.

:white_check_mark: We’ll include the unit display.

:ballot_box_with_check: Unit converter will be included once we have users outside of the US.

@mark.l.ammons was right, it’s currently in metrics. However as we’re testing this software within the US, we’ll set the unit to imperial and it will stay that way until this project launches to other regions. We’ll work with our UI designer for this.

@mark.l.ammons Our team figure that it would be easier if HR already have a floor plan, they can upload it here and we’ll detect the map. What do you think?

:white_check_mark: Noted. Will fix this in the next updates.

We’ve detected this issue before but seems like we didn’t deployed it so it stays like that. Really appreciate your attention to details :grinning:

:white_check_mark: Noted. This is now on the roadmap.

We’ll add a feature where you can adjust the size of the desks to your preference. It’s true that we don’t use the same SmartDesk everywhere.

:white_check_mark: We’ll let admin define the capacity of each meeting room and display it on the map. We’ll also add more devices, accessories or decor to make everything more visualizable.

:white_check_mark: More customizable meeting rooms. Meeting rooms will have more options to choose from. For customizable dimension, the next updates will let admin choose define the actual dimension.

:white_check_mark: It’s already on our plan.

:ballot_box_with_check: Looking into this. We think this is a great idea for teams to cooperate.

I think we can let users type in the dimension of the desks to their liking (just like your point about the meeting rooms). It will be more convenient this way.

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I think you can log out of the account and create a new account under admin? I’ll check that again. However I think I should redefine the testing instructions so people won’t be confused.

:white_check_mark: Noted. Will move it somewhere, or make it responsive to user’s movement.

:white_check_mark: We’re adding a delete button in today’s update. Meanwhile, @mark.l.ammons way works :sweat_smile:

:white_check_mark: This has been updated, as @mark.l.ammons noticed. You can use the small circle to re-orient it.

:white_check_mark: This item is on the roadmap! You can check the roadmap here, the item is dedicated desk and hot desk. This feature will allow HR to better manage the space.

Currently you can use Tags in Edit Workstation to list out the devices available on that desk. This will allow everyone to sort and find the desk that suits their needs.

We might need to rework this flow, since you can only edit the Workstation when you already save your map. Let me know what you think!

:white_check_mark: Included in the roadmap. We’ll have an application for mobile so you can check-in, track your time and follow reminders. Also if the user does not check in in the first 15 minutes, the booking will be cancelled, stuff like that.

We’ll keep updating the app day by day and will let you all know before we blast this testing to the public. Thank you so much for your feedback!

Also @RChang, can you re-test it and let me know your thought? :grin:

@nktam Thanks for all of your responses to our feedback. Looking forward to the next update - already making a testing scorecard for this - although if you already have an internal testing procedure feel free to send it my way. Integration testing is about 70% of what I do these days. So far it’s a really good MVP though.


That is definitely a good way to go. Although do keep in mind it’s likely that the floorplans will not necessarily be in any particular given format - so be sure to provide the list of acceptable formats. The IT teams will likely be the ones that end up setting all this up for HR initially to be honest and them knowing that they need to export their Visio floorplans to PNG or JPEG would be a useful note on the upload page.

The only issue i see with this is that there are some desks that are actually physically different. Especially with their idea to scan in floorplans having a few variants (particularly just plain desk and the two L-shaped variants) would be useful.

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Hey! Super interesting platform — I haven’t seen something like this before so it was fun test driving this out.

*** How do you feel about the system overall?**

  • It is pretty intuitive I thought.

*** Would this work/help your business/company?**

  • My team is remote right now b/c of COVID, so personally my company wouldn’t have a use-case for this, but I think it would have a great use-case for office-based teams, especially those exercising COVID precautions and social distancing.

*** Which features are good/not good? What do we need to improve?**

  • Liked the drag and drop location builder. Really easy to use. Small thing, but adding a drag-and-drop feature could be really helpful.
  • It doesn’t let me make concurrent bookings — should this be adjusted so you can book more than one space/item at the same time?

*** What features should be added to Hybrid?**

  • From a UI/UX perspective, is there a way to make items lock horizontal/vertical by holding down the shift key and moving things around? In design, holding down the shift key lets you move something only horizontally or vertically. So Perhaps you could add this key so moving workstations around and walls so it’s more easy to make things parallel or ordered next to each other?
  • I liked the plant :smile: Could you add more items like this to to help make the virtual workspaces lively?
  • Is there a way to customize meeting rooms

So it’s intended to be a per person thing so that is expected behavior i’m betting. That said I should be able to book both a desk and a meeting room during the same time which I can’t currently do. You obviously can’t be at two desks at the same time, however you can be in for the day at a desk and still need to reserve a meeting room.

I actually made a second account with a different email to test how the Company works. Invite another of your emails to the company from the company panel - log out and click the link in the email and then you’re good!

Working now! I reset my PW and am now a team Admin.

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