[Feedback Needed] Hybrid Software v.0.1 Calling For Feedback!

Hey @mark.l.ammons! We’d love to know your scorecard and if you have any system that you’d recommend, please let us know. That could really help our development process here.

For the floor plan, we’ll keep that in mind. That’s definitely a great point that we haven’t touched on. The main target of this Hybrid is HR of companies, but we should think about features that need other departments, too.

@BrianHHough Thank you so much for your feedback. We’re developing this as companies are implementing Hybrid working, in which you can be flexible in the locations you work. Hopefully this app could do good once this way of working becomes more popular.

I’ve heard our team member suggested using shift key to lock. However, we’re not sure if it’s reaaally needed. It’s a small thing but definitely will look into it if it makes a difference to the user experience.

We’ll definitely add more meeting room types and sizes, also more decoration items to better visualize the workspace!

For concurrent booking, I agree with @mark.l.ammons. We’ll allow booking workstation and booking meeting room at the same time in future updates.

@RChang Great! Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

So most of my experience is the same as the above feedback. The delete/change object thing is a bit janky though, having to save your design then go back in to edit in order to delete an object.

I also found that if you edit the Dimensions of the canvas, the room/objects do not stay on the canvas. There’s an arbitrary center point that the canvas seems to be stuck on so when the dimensions are edited the room is off the canvas.

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Update some feedback from our testers through live chat and email. Arrow will be my own comments on the problems.


  1. Are you able to upload a floorplan to trace with?

  2. When I add multiple locations for a company, it just duplicates the address for the other locations. If I go to add a third location, its address takes over all the other locations. :arrow_right: Is this a bug?

  3. It is also very hard to draw walls, sometimes when you go back in an opposite direction to draw a wall, it won’t let you go left :arrow_right: Instructions in location mapping was vague/hard to see, the user didn’t see or pay attention to the instruction.

  4. Is there a way to adjust the size of the workstations? They are way larger than our workstations in our office :arrow_right: Help icon gets in the way of workstation dimension setting,

  5. When I go to book a desk, it’s in military time, is there a way to change it to 6PM or 6AM? Also can we display CST instead of GMT-5, not too many people in our office are familiar with GMT time :arrow_right: Recognize time zone by user’s location and customize 12h/24h format.

@joana - So this is actually set by the location address it’s whatever the time is at that location. I think @nktam should be able to confirm that but it’s the behavior I’d expect. If you’re having an issue with a particular address that might be something to send them a DM about but it should be picking the address up - mapping it - and placing it in the appropriate timezone already.

as for the other location bit - It initially filled mine with the same location address but i was able to click on it and change the address. This also resulted in a change of timezones. Right now i have my house, my old house in GA, and my old house outside dallas as my locations because those were addresses I remember and the Dallas address is doing all it’s times in Central time while the other two are in Eastern time. Might just be a display side thing on yours - try clearing your cache maybe?

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This was my experience placing down a couple desks. No offence but hire some more UX people, this is pretty amature.

Add snapping to grid as default.

When I click down, place the object. Currently when I click down nothing happens and only when I release the mouse button does it place.

What is this blue circle for? I cannot click it. I can’t figure out how to interact with it. Why can’t I rotate objects? There should be a visual indicator onscreen telling me exactly which buttons to click or press to make it rotate.

As someone who uses CAD programs this is unnecessarily complicated and unintuitive, and reminds me of an early 2000s flash sims clone.

The wall feature worked well and had snapping,

Hey @mark.l.ammons, thanks for the tips. I am sorry for the late response :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: @nktam confirmed that the timezone will be defined by the location address (and thanks for your tip, too). However, what still bothers me is the 12h/24h format as the time when you check-in vs the time when you booking are displayed in 2 different formats. It often confuses me. Hence, it would be nice if Hybrid can configure it.

Hybrid has just updated!!! About to take a tour. Can’t wait to share with you more.

Hey @owendegen354, that’s really interesting perspective. I am @joana from the CS team of Hybrid. Per your feedback:

  1. Add snapping to grid as default

This was recognized in the few previous tests. We are considering adding it to the next update. I totally agree with you that the mapping feature needs to be more practical than the current basic one.

  1. When I click down, place the object. Currently, when I click down nothing happens, and only when I release the mouse button does it place.

I’m confused a bit. When I want to draw a workstation, I click on that item, then click on the map where I want to drop it. Press the button ESC if you want to escape that item. Would you mind giving me further details?

  1. What is this blue circle for? I cannot click it. I can’t figure out how to interact with it. Why can’t I rotate objects? There should be a visual indicator onscreen telling me exactly which buttons to click or press to make it rotate.

There’s a small button on the blue circle. Click and hold it when you rotate the item. I guess it’s too small to be visually identified. @huyphan may have a better idea for this.

  1. As someone who uses CAD programs, this is unnecessarily complicated and unintuitive and reminds me of an early 2000s flash sims clone.

I’m blind in this field :face_with_monocle: But the team is discussing your suggestion. I will update you once we have a comprehensive solution.

Your input is honestly super helpful! We are excited to receive the next challenging concerns. Just a heads up that Hybrid has just updated with several new features :tada: :tada: :tada:

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It’s a very exciting product, I’m about to check out the new update now. Sorry for being so negative, I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

2 So in software, when you make a button or an action, you can choose whether or not it happens when the user clicks the mouse button down, or when they release the mouse button. For example, click on the X to close your browser, but don’t let go of the mouse button, instead drag your mouse away from the button before letting go of the button. This will cancel the closure of the browser, as is designed this way to allow users the chance to cancel their action last second.

Your software works the same as the close button, in the sense that the placing action only happens when the button is released, and it shouldn’t work like that.

When it comes to placing objects, especially without snapping, the users mouse position will likely unintentionally change in between when they clicked the mouse button and let go, since clicking down on the mouse button tends to move its position by at least a few pixels. This results in objects placed slightly off from where the user intended to place them. The solution is to have the object (in this case the desk) be placed when the user clicks the mouse button, not when they let go.

To illustrate this, go to place down a desk, click the mouse button then drag your mouse anywhere else before letting go. The desk will be placed wherever you let go of the mouse button, not where you first clicked it.

3 I wasn’t able to click the small blue circle on the large hollow one. When I am going to place a desk, the circles are always surrounding my mouse, meaning when i try to move my mouse to click or interact with the small blue button, it moves. Perhaps I can change the rotation after it’s placed, but I cannot figure out how to do it before I place it, the blue circles seem broken. After I place it the circles disappear.

EDIT: It’d be neat to be able to hold the shift (or any other) button, to make the scroll wheel act as a rotate wheel. However make sure to clearly illustrate this in the UI if you do. Either put a “Shift + Scroll Wheel” string beside the rotate graphic, or a list of what all the keyboard buttons do on the side of the screen. The user should be able to figure out how to do everything in the program just by looking at the screen, the more button clicks it takes to learn something the lower the odds of the user learning it.

@owendegen354 No worries at all! Personally, I like your comment as it tastes like a cup of coffee. Strong and bitter but definitely good for working :muscle:

@huyphan has already acknowledged these inconvenient actions while creating a map on Hybrid. He and the team are working slowly on it while sticking on the road map. Eventually, we have to update the drawing tool (it’s undeniably essential in long term).

Thank you so much for your sincere feedback. I do greatly appreciate it!! Keep in touch and challenge us if you find any amateur things :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I’ll be around :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

@nktam - Is there anything I can do as far as checking out the hardware integration using my current desk or is that going to be something that is using a different lift controller module?

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Hey @mark.l.ammons, that’s such a good question which we can’t give you the official answer…yet :wink: We are preparing for this surprise as well as further instructions on how to use Hybrid with the new updates. Hence, stay tuned!!!

Super excited about this update :tada: :tada: :tada:

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Hi there. I am playing around on this as a potential for our office to use. I love the simplicity of the software, especially for the end user. I know there are some updates coming, but how can I see who I have invited to be a member and who has accepted?

I realize this may be further down the road, but what about integrating SSO? Are you looking into creating a reporting feature? Would love to see who reserves the most, which desks seem to be the most reserved, average times a desk is booked, etc.

It would be awesome if at some point down the line the reservations could be integrated with Outlook’s calendar.



Hi @tnolan, we launch the Member Management feature on our website that allows you to view who accepts your invitation and who doesn’t. You can try it now on Hybrid as well as take a look at our demo [HYBRID] Roles in Hybrid & what they can do - VOTE for next features! - Development / hybrid - Autonomous Labs

Don’t forget to vote for a better hybrid experience. :sunglasses:

@nktam What about the ability to assign people to particular desks/offices that will only allow them to select a desk in a particular area/group? We are using this for some of our “hotel” offices and cubes. Some desks in certain areas are meant for specific departments. Example: we have 3 people in our IT Security group who are assigned to a specific group of cubes as they provide more privacy for their work. It would be great if there was a way to make it so only those particular employees could select those two workstations.