Fidget chair

An office chair that that a switch by the feet or arm rest that when pressed it gives way with a button or click motion without the sound. A silent clicker one could say. Also a rubber bounce for the feet in chairs by the base of the legs to keep the people that like to move occupied


Hey @Jose_Juarez! Welcome to the Labs!

This seems like an add-on that we could attach to the chair for people with ADHD, maybe? May I ask how did you think of this?

Well I have a form of ADHD myself and I find myself messing with my feet and hands on my chair and I have no real release. Like right now I’m just bouncing my knees or shaking my legs lol

I love this idea. I don’t have diagnosed ADHD, for sure have a wandering mind, especially when reading docs or on phone calls. I always have some type of fidget toy/apparatus close. having built into the chair would be a great thing to have.

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This is actually a great idea! Tagging @nancy to follow up and maybe we can implement this.

The best thing we want is a chair for everyone, so maybe a standard ErgoChair with customizable places (like the leg rest and attached fidgets). What do you guys think? @Jose_Juarez @Kevin_Deveraux. Have you by any chance seen this idea anywhere?

I have not seen it anywhere. That’s why I was thinking it would be perfect.

I haven’t seen it either! I love the idea of different customizations for different areas of the chair.