Fix Squeaky Arm Rests.

So, I’ve had squeaky arm rests with my ergochair 2 since the chair was pretty much new. I don’t know if Autonomous has fully resolved the issue but I’ve come up with a cost effective way to fix it. It requires disassembling the arm rest to get to the adjustment/slide mechanism and taking out the two screws that secure it to the arm rest. Cut a section of the t-shirt to fit the center portion of the mechanism so it can curl around it. Poke two holes in the fabric to pass through the two screws. Then reassemble. See links to pictures.

For new production, Autonomous can use an abrasion resistant fabric like a Kevlar sleeve to feed over the center portion of the mechanism prior to assembly to resolve the issue (likely permanently). I looked and it’s about $2 per linear yard and it only takes about eight inches to fix one chair (four inches per arm rest).


Hi! We actually receive a lot of feedback about this. It’s impressive that you know about Kevlar! Are you a product designer or similar?

For the squeakiness, it’s ridiculous that in order to improve the locking mechanism and make it more stable cost a little more than we expect. It’s not that we haven’t thought of that before, but we’re trying to keep the price low. However let me know if you think this worths it.

We can keep the ErgoChair 2 as it is now, and design a new one with more premium and improved features, of course it’ll be sold at a higher price point. It’s time to come up with a new chair design anyway :wink:

I’ll get back to you once I figure this out. Thank you for such knowledge!

I’m curious how the squeaky arm rests affect you. I’m not a detailed-oriented person so I don’t mind much about that, but I’d like to hear your opinion!

I have to agree that the squeaky armrests (when moving side-side, front-back) are really annoying.

I’m very surprised at the 1st answer which basically reaffirms that this is an issue that has been reported and is answered with: any improvement will result in a costlier model. Really? I would suggest, in that case, to remove the headrest to lower costs (perhaps have it as an extra accessory) and use those savings to avoid the plastic armrest squeaking.

The 2nd answer asks how the squeaky armrest affects you. Would you want to drive a squeaky car, ride a squeaky bicycle, sit in a squeaky chair? Here’s how it affects me, it’s annoying.

Hopefully some kind of retrofit armrests can be made available in the future.