How the hell do i order to the UK?

how do I order this website is really bad and I keep dosing myself out of it trying to find how to select the UK as a destination

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Hey @accounts, thanks for your concern with a strong expression (I like that). At the moment, we can’t deliver to the UK due to reasons listed in our [Help Center] ( We do really miss the :uk: and will get back to you with a big celebration once shipping service is available :tada: :tada: :tada:

might as well say if you got to the county list and click other again it dosses you out of the site as it is classed as -1 and makes this–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/en–1/sign-up?mode=b2b&next=%2F%3Fwelcome%3Dtrue

is there a workaround that you guys will be willing to do to? i am willing to put in effort on my end