How will your work routine look like?

With vaccine are rolling out, I’m gonna be back to work soon (and I’m not entirely ready although we can have some days working from home). How will you organize your schedule to adjust to this change?

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I do community management and content management for Autonomous social media channels. We’re back to work entirely now as it’s kinda cleared up now at my place. I work from home sometimes. We’ve been this way since the beginning but I’m still struggling to find a routine that works. Basically, I dedicate the morning to social media, answering and engaging to our members on our Facebook Group and (maybe) Labs, checking content scheduling. In the afternoon, I usually do the planning for both community and social media channels. However I usually get distracted and meetings sometimes get in the way.


I usually walk to and from work, mainly because I play Pokemon Go. We have a fixed working schedule but as long as we got the work done, good performance, everything is fine! I usually use some days to work from home if I don’t feel weel. Sometimes, my work requires me to go to shooting set to supervise.

I always make sure I don’t check my email and productivity apps (I use Todoist) constantly, only twice a day (at the start of the day and after lunch) so I can organize my work and keep myself from being distracted from the work I’m doing. I allow myself to check Todoist again at the end of the day to cross off any items I’ve done, and reassess my work day. This is doing well for me both at office and at home.

I am a big planner, I use OmniFocus to plan out the tasks for each day, typically actually doing the planning for my day the night before. I am self employed and work from home 100% of the time when I am not meeting a client on location. This summer I have taken an internship that will be 40hrs/week fully in person from 8a-5p. This throws a big wrench into my normal work schedule, so I will have to get creative and wake up really early or start working later nights to make sure I am keeping up with my business. It shall be interesting!!

It always needs extra effort when you start something new. Make yourself a plan to prepare for this so you don’t feel overwhelmed when keeping up with the new schedule (I didn’t and I regretted big time). Make sure you follow it but don’t push yourself too hard, always stay balanced. You’ve got this!