[HYBRID] Feedback, Action Items & Release Note

Hybrid v.0.1.1

Test open exclusively for @early-adopters to Mar 29th, 2021. Thank you @mark.l.ammons, @RChang, @clarkllc, @BrianHHough!


A short summary of feedback from our Early Adopters. All points are replied in this topic. Note that not all feedback will be implemented immediately, we might add them in in the future.


  • Bigger text size for wall widget
  • Display measurement unit, toggle unit display
  • Help bubble gets in the way
  • Delete button needed
  • Allow display meeting room capacity
  • Display workstation info, including local phone number


  • Instruction to pop up on initial login
  • Admin receives 2 email notifications when booking workstation for himself => bug
  • Edit workstation needs clarification
  • Item lock horizontal/vertical by holding down shift key


  • Wall tool auto-release when a room is finished
  • More meeting room types and sizes
  • Customize meeting room sizes
  • More/Customized table sizes
  • Allow team members to see their teammates working time and place
  • Edit workstation allows admin to add device availability
  • Floor plan upload
  • Concurrent bookings
  • More decoration items

Action items

These action items are based on users’ feedback. Some items can be deployed immediately whereas some others will be released in the next versions.

In this version (v.0.1.1)

  • Relocate the help button
  • Delete button added
  • Instruction pop-up on initial login added
  • Customize meeting room size added
  • Display meeting room capacity added
  • Admin receives 2 email notifications fixed

Next version (v.0.1.2)

  • Help bubble relocation
  • Display meeting room capacity
  • More/customized table sizes
  • More decoration items

To be added in the future

  • Bigger text size in wall widget
  • Floor plan upload
  • Wall tool auto-release
  • Allow team members to view their teammates info

To be decided

  • Workstation info (phone number, device info)

We recommend using the tag feature in Edit Workstation. You can find this when you’ve already saved the map. Click on a workstation and choose Edit Workstation in the information panel on the right.

  • Concurrent booking

We assume this means a user able to book a desk and a meeting room at the same time, not one user booking 2 desks. We’ll take a look at this.

  • Item lock horizontal/vertical by holding down shift key

Our team members suggest this as well, but we’ll take a closer look to see if it’s needed.


Update Apr 20th

Bugs & Fixes

  • Fixed Timezone detect & location
  • Fixed admin receiving 2 emails for booking desks
  • Fixed Help bubble
  • Fixed data tracking
  • Fixed available workstation display
  • Fixed email flow
  • Fixed navigation flow
  • Have instruction popped up on the initial load

New items added to the roadmap

Check out the updated roadmap here.

  • Define new type of workstation: Meeting Room
  • SSO
  • User management
  • Workspace manager
  • Sync with Google Calendar (from Hybrid to Google Calendar)
  • Data analytic dashboard
  • Random desk assignment
  • Desk blocking
  • Display user status (on meeting/wfh/at office)
  • Company branding
  • Favorite desk
  • Admin notification on browsers
  • Live map

Exclusive items for Work Anywhere (Hybrid for Co-working Spaces)

Check out Hybrid for Co-working Spaces here.

  • Public floors
  • Search a nearby workplace
  • Book a space
  • Payment integration
  • Branding