[HYBRID] Modifying Location Instructions

Modifying Locations can only be done by Admin.

Creating a new Location

The name of the Location will be defined by the first 3 words in your Location address. Note: If your company at the address has multiple floors, create a Location for each floor. Make sure you note the floor in Location name.

The time zone will be automatically detected.

Mapping your Location.

Mean sketching out your floor plan.

Sketching the outline

First, draw the layout of your office floor using the wall tool Wall Tool. Press Esc when you’re done to deselect the tool. Hybrid will understand the space inside the closed walls is a book-able space, which means you can book the whole space or any other spaces defined by the aforementioned rules.

Adding Objects to your Location

Use the object tools such as Workstation Tool, Door Tool, Window Tool, Meeting Room Tool, Big Meeting Room Tool, Plants Tool to map out your Location based on the real layout of your office.

Rotating Objects

To rotate any objects, click on the object you want to rotate. You’ll see a blue circle outline round the object with a small dot on it. Click & hold the dot to rotate the object as you like.

Virtual Map vs. Physical Map

  • Physical Map is the arrangement of your floor plan in reality.
  • Virtual Map is the digitalized blueprint of your real floor plan on Autonomous Hybrid.

You want to make sure these two maps are exactly the same.

For more information about the terms in Hybrid, read Hybrid Terminology.

Saving your Location

Ultimately, you will have a basic map of what your office looks like. Click Save to save the Map. In case you haven’t, there will be a notification to remind you.

Your finish screen will look like this.

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