[HYBRID] Pairing Desk with Mobile Application Instruction

Goal: Pair the desk with the Autonomous Hybrid mobile application. This will help you control the desk remotely using the app.

Members can pair the desk with their personal devices themselves. The pairing process is the same for both Hybrid OS and Personal Devices environment. However, there might be a slight difference in the interface. Here we will demonstrate on Hybrid OS.

For more information about what each type of user can do, please see Hybrid User Types.

  1. Navigate to Devices management and tap Add New Device

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and desk following the on-screen instruction.

You should see this blinking blue light on the desk’s control pad, indicating the desk’s Bluetooth is on.

bluetooth 1

  1. You should see the desk’s ID listing in the device list. If you have multiple desks, double-check the device ID on the app’s screen and the control pad to make sure it’s the same.

  1. Tap on the desk’s equivalent ID to pair and connect it to the location’s wifi. When it’s done, the blue light on the control pad will stop blinking and the desk will appear on Manage your devices screen.

Please be noted that you need to manually connect to the location’s wifi by typing its name and password and not choosing from the device’s recognizable wifi list.

  1. When successfully connected, you should be able to control the desk using the mobile application.

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