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Hybrid: Fully-integrated & Hardware Solution for Businesses

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(Click to expand) Project Background

Lots of companies are moving to Hybrid working model. To simplify the explanation of such, it allows a mix of onsite and remote employees. That means business must adapt with the change, in company culture, employees’ well-being and the overall resource managing shift.

Autonomous Hybrid is the world’s first fully integrated software & hardware solution that helps businesses implement a hybrid work model. Throughout the week, employees can choose to work from home for a few days and then a few other days in the office — in one seamless experience.

What is the offering? What exactly do we sell?

  1. A SmartDesk (SmartDesk Hybrid)
  2. Smart Meeting Room (with a built-in SmartLock)
  3. A web platform (a) for employees to book a desk/meeting room and (b) for employers to manage all of their offices
  4. A mobile application for employees to (a) check in and (b) book a desk/meeting room
(Click to expand) Detailed Hardware & Software Experience

Core Software Experience

Feature Description For who? Why is it valuable?
Booking Reserve a desk or a meeting room to get work done
Available on both web and mobile.
Employee Give employees the flexibility and freedom to get work done wherever they feel most productive.
Check-in Seamless check-in experience at a desk or a meeting room.
Mobile only.
Employee Transition from home to the office (and vice versa) in one seamless experience. All devices (desks, photo frames, lighting, etc.) are automatically adjusted to the individual’s preferences.
Office Design Create multiple office layouts by dragging & dropping desks and meeting rooms.
Web only.
Employer Help employer to set up and manage a flexible work environment. Keep track of the office availability.
Office Analytics Monitor how your offices are being used.
Web only.
Employer Save on real estate. Make sure all office spaces are used efficiently

Hardware Products

Feature Description For who? Why is it valuable?
SmartDesk Hybrid Fully integrated with the Hybrid software. Automatically adjust to the employee’s height preference. Employee A personalized and convenient experience for employees to get work done anywhere
Meeting Room Fully integrated with the Hybrid software. Can only be unlocked by who booked the meeting room. Employee Ensure that the is no conflict between meetings that might waste commuting time.

Product Roadmap

Visit Hybrid Product Roadmap topic.

For minor updates, feedback and release notes, please go to Hybrid Feedback, Action Items & Release Note

Testing & Feedback

Please go to Hybrid Testing & Feedback to sound off your feedback!

Knowledge Base

  • Hybrid Terminology - Quick guide to terms using in Hybrid - Updating
  • Roles in Hybrid - Explaining the 3 types of users in Hybrid, what they can do and VOTE for the next feature.


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Can’t wait to see the new roadmap update for this Hybrid project from Autonomous team :love_you_gesture:


I’ve seen lots of services like this so I’m not sure how you’re gonna differentiate yourself. Maybe it’s the hardware vs software integration? Sounds very ambitious but if you can do well, I think it’s gonna be great.

Have not seen any images of the software (?) yet, but reading the roadmap, you’re asking people to draw their office layout, which takes lots of time.

Upload office layout/blueprint

This seems to be the solution, looking forward to it!


Yeah I saw Cisco too is doing this. If Autonomous wants to join this route, they have a long way to go.


Hi @fanrijo! Thank you for your input. Our team walked through the flow of the app and recommended this so I think this is what we should focus on to optimize the UX.

Definitely one of the features that we believe would set us apart from other services is that we integrate hardware with software. Not only this brings about a full experience for the office, but we also look into employees’ health and well-being (with the use of our Autonomous SmartDesk). In the future, we would like to create a more personalized space for the users in their shared office.

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Hi all! I’ll be in charge of designing the UI of the Hybrid app. Please ping me if you have any suggestions or problem regarding the UI!

Just a quick update, here’s a sneak peek on how the application looks like at the moment :laughing:

Map out your office layout

Booking layout

Admin dashboard

…And more to come!

The concept is great. I work for a company who uses occupancy sensors today on all desks and in the common areas to measure occupancy rates for energy management. You’d have to user similar technology to determine who’s in the space and when they need to leave.

One thing that I’ve found problematic with shared spaces is when someone gets in a flow - whether that’s a meeting, or an individual project - they often forget about the time and then suddenly you have people standing outside the meeting room trying to get in… So some kind of reminder at least 30mins before the next person shows up to use the desk/space/room is necessary to enforce a level of common courtesy.

Looks good! I co-own a coworking space and have been looking for a tool like this for a while now. Can the app differentiate between normal and adjustable standing desks? Our members love to be able to specify which type they’ll need and our few Autonomous desks are always fought after. :slight_smile:

Hey @abstractpenguin! The feature is currently not available as we’re testing the software first then we can figure out what it needs. Would you like to join our alpha test? I’ll add you to the group and you can play with it to see if it works for you, and we need your valuable feedback too!

Sure, that sounds great!

Hey! That’s great to hear. We’ll be developing a version for co-working space as well. There’ll be some difference between corporation version vs co-working space version.

I believe @anbui has published the testing topic. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Hey @RChang! Great points! We’ll also develop SmartDesk for this Hybrid, calling Hybrid Desk? I don’t know yet but that’s the plan. It’ll have sensor and auto-lock and the usage will be reported to the users and admin as well.

We’ll also come up with a mobile app to accompany this app so you’ll get a better reminder for when it’s time to check-in and when time’s up.

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Hey everyone! Hybrid is now open for public test at https://hybrid.autonomous.ai/. Go to Hybrid Testing & Feedback to write your feedback.

For more information about previous feedback, action item and release notes, check out Hybrid Feedback, Action Items & Release Note.

Hey @bsccwalk, thanks for your feedback, It has been a while but I just want to keep you updated.

It is a long way! But we are confident about our new approaching ideas :muscle: I am super excited about our new update on Hybrid, which is one step get closer to goal: a fully -intergrated software and hardware solution!! I really hope you can test it and gve us a few feedback :heart: