[HYBRID] Roles in Hybrid & what they can do - VOTE for next features!


Current capability

  • Create/Edit company, locations
  • Map locations: create virtual map, edit workstation, assign Hot/Dedicated desks, map SmartDesk Hybrid
  • Booking management: edit bookings, make booking on other’s behalf, booking history
  • Member management: Invite members, Invitation status, Member status, Member lookup, Assign roles

Member status

Assigning roles to user

  • Statistics

Next up

Vote for the next feature for admin level

[VOTE] Next feature for admin
  • Member management: Filter
  • Last login display

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1. Member management: Filter

Filter members based on custom criteria

2. Last login display

Know the last time a member log into Hybrid.

Location manager

Location managers are assigned by Admin to manage a/multiple location(s).

Current capability

  • Cancel bookings in the managing location(s)
  • Edit location
  • View bookings in managing location(s)

Next up

Help us vote for a feature you think is good to have next

[VOTE] Next feature for Location Managers
  • Adding members to managing location(s)
  • Mapping SmartDesk Hybrid
  • Making bookings on other’s behalf

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1. Adding members to the managing location(s)

Taking off admin’s workload on adding new members to the location.

2. Mapping desk to virtual map (see more detail here)

Location managers of that location are able to edit the virtual map based on the physical map; and are able to map the SmartDesk Hybrid to their corresponding position. Currently, only the admin can do this.

3. Make bookings on other’s behalf

With this feature, location managers are able to book on member’s behalf.


The basic type of user of Hybrid. Users invited to Hybrid by admin are Member by default.

Current capability

  • Book/Cancel booking from available location
  • See workstation details
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Very exciting updates!

When placing a wall, the length text is way too small. It should scale in size depending on how far in the user is zoomed in.

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Totally agree with you @owendegen354!! The team admits that there are several crucial features /details that the Hybrid mapping tool can’t achieve YET :muscle: We will definitely collect every piece of feedback and consider adding them on our next sprint!