Ideas about the monitor arm design?

Here’s my idea: Hoping to see a future version of the monitor arm that is both easier to secure at a specific height and easy to raise and lower e.g. for when multiple people use the same desk.

I love my new desk setup but it’s not perfect for my wife because the monitors are too high for her. And, since I have to really wrench the thumbscrew to keep the monitors up, I’m leery of adjusting the height when we switch.


It’d be neat to see motorized monitor stands.

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Also, I’d like to see monitor mounts for larger monitors (45"+). Some of us edit photos and video and it would be nice to be able to mount a 4k monitor/tv and not worry about it tipping over. Obviously, for monitors that large, you may only get 1 on the regular desk, but having it safe and secure is important.

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Thank you for your ideas. We already forward this to our product team and we will try our best to work on this and bring our customers better products!