[Ideas] SmartDesk Kids accessories should be made to purchase individually!

I just saw the SmartDesk Kids post and the accessories are goals! @ha.nguyen pleaseee consider selling them individually, I believe kids and adults like them alike!

Here are what I like about the desk’s accessories:

  • Whiteboard top: Kids (and designers) friendly. It would be great to write straight on the top. They should be easy to clean and maintain, though. And if you can, make it an option when choosing for tops!
  • Pegboard: I saw those IKEA pegboards a lot but I’m not sure if it fits the SmartDesk. If you’re doing this, I believe it’s a great add to the SmartDesk and we’ll not be worried about them cannot be put together.
  • Accessories for pegboard: Those shelves are fire! If you’re having the pegboard produced individually, we should be able to buy these accessories, too!

Great idea! We’ll thin about that :smile: I personally like to have these accessories for my desk, too so why not?!