Lighting improvements

Color led lighting for under the desk. Desk pads that have multi color lighting. Lights for video calls.


Hey we actually just talked about this today! We’re thinking of adding a LED light under our SmartDesk Play (our gaming version of SmartDesk :wink:).

Do you have any preference of what the lights (under the desk) can do? Like color preference or cool things the lights could do?

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It would be good to have the lighting controller be something you can mount in various places - like the desk height controls. A sliding bar showing the color selection would be pretty great to allow you gradual color graduations, and a “fade” timer so that it’s not always some crazy RGB rave party. Being able to select presets on colors would be cool too. And I’m sure people would love it if the controller would be able to talk to an automated assistant so that you can use a voice command to turn them on an off. Really the controller is what makes it all worth it - I can buy additional RGB LED strips and use them all over the place but having a good controller that is responsive and looks good is $$$ well spent.

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The lighting should be color LED. Controlled via app or side controller. Lights should be under the table.

I think I saw that integration somewhere but could not remember what it is, it’s like a LED panel where you can customize the color of the lights. Anyway, having lighting controller to be at hand is cool, and if it gets too much with the panel, maybe we can make a desktop/mobile app to go with it.

But Roger are you into RGB? Just curious haha! You’ve been giving lots of advices and cool ideas but haven’t heard of this side before!

Maybe we should make this lighting idea a bigger topic since we’ll need lots of help in improving the lighting, natural, white or RGB alike.

There’s this one thing called sound sensor light. We’re thinking about that! Are you interested in dancing lights? :blush:

I’m not “into” RGB but I do like some color variation occasionally. It’s more about people being able to customize their setup to fit them. Re: sound sensor light - not my cup of tea and I would think the market for flashing LEDs on a work setup would be limited to a small group of entertainers and streamers. Certainly the bulk of the market sees those things as add-ons.

Lighting, absolutely! I have attached the photo of the lighting I have set up on my desk. It is simply 4 RGB strips that are connected via 90-degree connectors at the 4 respective corners. It suits me just fine, but I would definitely pay $39-50 USD more for RGB to be built in. I also NEED a better light for Zoom calls, I have terrible lighting at both of the offices I work from, I invested in a better webcam and to be honest it made it worse, so if you have light panel or cube recommendations let me know!!

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Look into an adjustable LED ring light that can sit around the webcam. If you get one with different color intensities that can make a huge difference in eliminating shadows etc.