Longer Gas Lift for ErgoChair

Hi community,

Do you know that you can add a longer gas lift for your ErgoChair?

Yes! You can purchase a third-party gas lift that fits your height and attach it to your chair effortlessly.

The gas lift for all Autonomous chairs comes in just one size. The recommended specs: a barometric rod diameter of 50mm (2") and an open length of 270mm (10.6").

Removing the current gas lift can be challenging

If you find it’s difficult to detach the current gas lift to replace it with a new one, the following steps will help. You will also need a rubber mallet, a pipe wrench or a screwdriver, and possibly some WD-40.

Step 1 - Tip the chair onto its side and use a rubber mallet to tap the base of the chair away from the seat of the chair. Do this until you can easily remove the base from the rest of the chair.

Step 2 - Hit the bottom of the gas lift with the rubber mallet until the base gets detached.

Step 3 - Hit the rubber mallet around the gas lift while shaking the gas lift until it loosens. If it is difficult at any point to remove any of these parts, you may need to apply WD-40 to the joints and let it sit for a few minutes. Be sure to cover the surrounding surfaces and chair fabric to protect them before applying WD-40.

Step 4 - Hit the rubber mallet against the mechanism then pull the gas lift out of the hole.

For more details, you can check out this video: https://youtu.be/UrmjKG2EHQo (at 00:25)

Have you tried adding a third-party gas lift? Do you have any recommendations?