Our work on Idea Crowdsourcing at the moment

You might have noticed that the Idea category is not accessible at the moment. The reason is, we want to work extensively on the Idea Crowdsourcing framework for Autonomous and the Autonomous community. What we’re planning to work on:

  • Incentives, rewards for idea owners and contributors
  • How ideas are chosen to go into development
  • Public product development process based on user’s idea
  • Community aspect of idea crowdsourcing, motivate users to help each other to work on an idea
  • Time between each idea, we obviously can’t adopt an idea a week!
  • Idea categories: improvement of current products, new products/projects

And many more things. We simply can’t just ask you for idea without giving you anything back. We hope to establish this as soon as possible, and we’re always open for feedback :slight_smile: