Pods Photoshoot - Behind The Scene

As our Pods project is gradually rolling out, our team is working super hard to finish up materials for the launch. Here are some behind-the-scene photos of Pods team and Visual team doing the photoshoot :innocent:

The team set up a camp right beside the lake where we do the photoshoot

Working, checking the footages and the camera angles

Chillin in the Pod

Another use of Pod in the wild, looking great in the dawn

Bonus image of @ha.nguyen, truly work anywhere spirit!

Stay tuned for official photos and videos from us!


Seeing the products in stages is refreshing. And the location looks fantastic. The only downside is that the Pod is facing against the beautiful scenery. You guys should take this into consideration if you ever think of upgrading this product.

Looks pretty neat location. I agree on the orientation - if it was turned slightly so the 3 vertical window look out over the water - it would look nicer. But perhaps there is a hidden body of water we can’t see from the BTS photos. Either way this is a super cool product.

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Love the on location stuff! Can’t wait to see the final product. @anbui whenever life is back to “normal” can we please take a field trip to the Autonomous office??

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Haha this is actually in Vietnam, where our Pod factory is. If you still want to visit, we’re always welcome!

@RChang If you ever have any opportunity, you should visit this place, very nice scenery and weather :rofl:


When can we see the official announcement for this pod?
I noticed the old zen-work-pod website is offline.

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Hi @zcy7376. The Pod is launching in June and I’m currently drafting a whole Product Journey of it (starting a year ago). Stay tuned!

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Very cool! So excited to see the Pod! I want one! :drooling_face: