Sales shown on the website with no link to buy at advertised price


I received a promotional email from Autonomous promoting the ErgoChair Pro+ at 449$CAD (43.80% off), but I cannot find that product at that price anywhere, either through the link they sent me or by searching the website. I wrote to Autonomous but the sale ends today and I still have no answer.

Also, they promote directly on the website in the “What’s coming next” section on the Sales page the ErgoChair Pro+ at 499$CAD and the date under that price is Nov 17-18, so that price should be the one they sold you the chair yesterday and today, but it isn’t. There is no option ti buy that chair at that price either. It is simply an image with some text below.

So I am trying to reach them via this forum. It is my last hope. If it fails, well, too bad. They’ll have missed a sale.