Should we add new colors for SmartDesk?

We are thinking about adding more color options to our SmartDesks. As a desk can be an integral part of homes, offices, or wherever you prefer to work at, we don’t see why it shouldn’t come with options to match its surroundings.

It could be a way to bring your personality and comfort to your workspace.

Is this something you are interested in? What colors would you like? Do you prefer colors on the desk’s legs or on the table top?

Some of my current ideas :slight_smile:

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Awesome idea! The first three are my favorite but they’re all cool!


Heck, I would just like the option to purchase individual desktops. I wish I had gotten the bamboo when I bought my two desks… but there’s no option after the fact?

Hi Brian,

You can actually order individual desktops at Autonomous:

Is it a bamboo top that you are looking for? It should be back in stock soon.

Holy moly - $300 just for the top? That’s slightly less than what I paid for my first entire desk. :grimacing:

Great Idea! Love the grey top and navy sides, or grey top and green legs.

Although they don’ have the wire drops and all the holes lined up, for a pretty easy DIY project you can get a top from Ikea, or other hardware stores and make it fit. Thinking I might go that route whenever I am ready to change out my Autonomous top.