[Should we do this?] Microfiber Vegan Leather Mat

Most of great desk setups have big, clean and beautiful desk mat that you often found on Grovemade (felt mat) or other Amazon sellers. We’ve been thinking, why don’t we made this more accessible within one Autonomous site without you wandering to others to find? Here’s what we’ve got!

Microfiber Vegan Leather Mat

We’re thinking leather mats that are user and eco-friendly!

Material: Full grain leather

  • Remarkably strong
  • Durable
  • Vegan!

Microfiber vegan leather was simulated perfectly the fibrous structure of genuine leather. This type of leather offers solutions to almost all problems of real and synthetic leather, in terms of appearance, quality, material usage, cutting and sewing productivity, storage, …etc.

Color Variation

These mats should be available in 5 main colors: Brown, Black, Blue, Pink, Beige

What do you think? Should we include this in our accessory catalogue?


This could be a great add to desk setup! Aside from leather, have you thought of other material such as felt?

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Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind to see if we can source more materials for the desk mat. In the meantime, here are some image of the mat designs we have in mind.

The corner pads are replaceable and can be moved to other positions to fit the user’s needs.


Love the corner mat! I currently have one of those amazon mats on my desk and ready like it but it’s getting dingy (low quality imitation leather) so I’d definitely be in the camp of getting a better quality one!


It is coming soon ! Cheers.

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Felt is common but give a try with microfiber vẻgan leather. It can bring you to the next level of smooth touch and vegan leather is eco-friendly as well.

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My Answer - Yes. I’ve been searching for an affordable mat to protect the surface of my Autonomous.


Hey @EvanS! Welcome to the Labs! Seems like quite a lot of people like it, @nancy seems to have it coming real soon. Do you have any color preference?

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This seems to be the trend, but I’m not a fan of any leather on any furniture in the humid south. Have you explored ‘alcantara’ ?

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Eco-friendly sounds great. Since I feel the leather mat will look a bit formal, it would be great to develop vibrant pattern mats.

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’s important that the material allows for writing directly on it. Some leather/vegan leather is too squishy and can’t write directly on it.

This is one I’ve been using which looks pretty good, is large and allows me to write directly: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B3LR7WK But I’d take an autonomous built on any day over this, especially one fitted specifically for Autonomous desks.

Would also love to see a matching ergonomic mouse pad to go with it!

Also in your images you have the monitor separate from the desk pad. Why not just make the desk pad full size and put everything including the monitor on it? Current desk pads are too small relative to the autonomous desks in my opinion.

For color preference please make it match the desk colors! I have a dark brown desk and one that perfectly matches that would be ideal.

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I’m curious if you want a mat that you can write on, how about a whiteboard table top?

Also ergonomic mouse pad sounds new to me. Do you have any illustration of it?

Color matching might be great but it can’t be 100% matched in my opinion so it really depends. A dark brown desk can go with a pop of color maybe?

If you’re looking for ways to help you with desk setup and a fitting/pretty pad, our Facebook Group of desk setup can help you with that, they’re eager to help people with desk setup. Check them out here.

Whiteboard table top sounds interesting but sometimes I also just need to write on paper on a desk and don’t want to scratch the desk. Your picture shows a drawing on paper but I fear that vegan leather won’t let you actually draw on a single sheet of paper on that surface without puncturing the paper.

Ergonomic mouse pad is just a mouse pad with a gel wrist resting spot. This is a leather one I have but ideally on that matches the desk would be great: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GXQS5DW A more generic non-leather one typically looks something like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ELGL6LK

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Makes sense on the colors. I’m not great at coming up with designs/colors but appreciate when its done well. So as long as your considering the colors of the desk and picking colors that complement them well then thats better than what I can find currently.

Thanks I’ll check out the Facebook page!

I love the idea, but can you be price competitive with Amazon?

A desk mat is pretty generic.

Autonomous did hit it out of the park–function, style and price–with the desk light. But a mat is a mat.

I understand your point here, let’s see if they have an answer for this. If not, I believe felt pad (with a harder surface) would be a great option for you!

I think we’ll be able to answer your question about the surface of the pad once we get the sample. I or @nancy will get back to you!

For the ergonomic pad, maybe we could do a detachable wrist rest to the original pad? So you can customize the position to your liking :smile:

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Noted. Some special pattern version to light up your desk :grinning: