slanted laptop stand mount, similar to monitor arm.

Most people use a combination of laptop and monitors, with external keyboard and mouse. Adding a laptop stand which will elevate the laptop screen and free up some space on the table will be a nifty feature.


We’ve been seeing laptop stands here and there! Do you have any particular model you like? Just curious!

Yeah @nancy, I also need a laptop stand plssss


Something similar to this:

But with a smaller footprint. Supporting laptops or tablets. Maybe an auxillary attachment for existing monitor mounts.


This is a cool idea - I have 2 monitor arms on my desk right now - one holds a single monitor, and the other is a dual arm but the 2nd arm has a laptop tray mount via VESA adapter. It’s ok. The main reason I have my laptop elevated is to have the webcam at eye level and to get more stuff up off the desk.

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Hi, Chang. If you don’t mind, could you please share with us how your workstation looks like? Waiting to see it and how we can fulfill your workstation with some cool gadgets in the near future :wink: :+1:t3:

Neat and tidy, Chang ! :+1: :+1: :+1:

@nancy that’s Friday afternoon after I’ve swept the area for mess! Normally I have a dozen little things spread allover the desk AND a snack basket for food :wink: