SmartDesk Junior Project kick-off! v.1

Hi everyone it's me again!

In the past weeks, we’ve been working intensively to build up, design and assemble the first SmartDesk Kids based on the render I posted previously.

You can check out the post here.

While I might not have the photos of the prototype at the moment, I believe that we should elaborate more on the project, to let you get the feel of it, and build this project with us!

SmartDesk Junior + Chair v.1

So basically, we temporarily call the project SmartDesk Junior. The official name will be up to you. Help us decide for a name!

This Junior line will come in set with a desk and a chair, yet we do intend to sell them individually.


  • Grow with Your Kids: Smart furniture set (desk and chair) that accompany your children’s growth and learning from 5yo to 14yo
  • Good Posture:Help train and maintain good posture, which is essential during children development.
  • A Space for Everything: A dedicated space to create a “learn-from-home routine,” which they can be at not only to do their homework, but also to draw, read, write, be creative and to grow.
  • Help Them Grow: A tool to train children to be independent and develop their organizational skills.

Product info

This product line will include:

  • SmartDesk Junior Top and Frame: A sturdy desk that grows with your children, in standing or sitting position.
  • Drawer, Cable Manager and Backpack Hangers: Organizer accessories to encourage kids to stay organized and keep a clean workspace.
  • Pegboard with 2 modular shelves and 3 extra dowels for hanging accessories: Allow children to personalize and feel the ownership over their learning space. Provide extra storage for their stuff!


We want to make this product our first community-developed project, so please we’re all stakeholders. Please mention me, @ha.nguyen if you want to discuss further about the project!

SmartDesk Junior + Chair v.2

In v.2 of this project, all design from the render will be implemented, that means tilting desk top, and more! Stay tuned for updates!


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Nice rendering. Hopefully this turns out as planned. I doubt this is mad expensive, you target high income customers?

So Autonomous decided not to slap their brand name on Chinese products anymore.

This is great - when is it coming out?

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Hey @Mark_Wonderlin, we’re getting real close to the date. Maybe in April :wink:

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looks good. I would probably change the position of the support beam. Small kids are going to drop stuff under the desk and the beam should be positioned such that its not a hindrance in them crawling under the desk or hit their heads when the try to get back up. Avoid sharp corners or edges. Add some modular RGB lighting options perhaps? Also, some sort of parental lock through an app for the height adjustment, as some people will buy these for their kindergarteners even, and you need to consider safety above all when it comes to kids. I don’t know if what your philosophy is behind this, but you could design it in such a way that it becomes the centerpiece of a child’s room and then build an ecosystem around it and design future products accordingly. Of course, this is targeted towards children of Parents with means, no?

I actually like the cross bar/support beam position - it could work well as a footrest for little legs. But agreed - it might be a pain to clean under the table. a PIN lockout on the height adjustment controller (similar to a refrigerator water dispenser) could make it independent from an mobile app.

Really nice. A built in wireless charger would be nice addition.