SmartDesk Kid - Ergonomics for Kids Is Just As Important

The image above is what we have in mind for an ergonomic desk for your little ones. Because we believe that ergonomics for kids matters as much as it does to us adults.

The cause of lower back pain indeed starts in childhood, as noted in the study by Leboeuf-Yde and Kyyik in 1998. Extra notice must be taken, especially in this technological era, when young children’s health and posture are very much neglected, as they do not really show the symptoms until later. During the early years, children’s spines are still growing and developing; and at such a young age, habits are formed. Therefore, teaching children about the importance of postural health and supporting them with the right furniture choice to practice good habits is necessary.

We believe that the right desk for children should be good for them and fun, versatile, and eye-catching to nurture their creativity and activity level. We all want our little ones to be the best they can be, after all!


January 25th, 2021

We believe kids deserve the best learning space everywhere, including at home. Using our well known smart desk technology, we are designing a desk that adapts to children’s diverse activities, such as having a tilt function to facilitate drawing and reading. What are some things you wish your kid’s desk have?


February 1st, 2021

A great product should come with a great name! Why don’t you help us come up with a name for our kid’s desk and chair set? Comment your suggestions below!

We actually have some naming ideas in mind at the moment:

  • TeddeeChair
  • TineeChair
  • KiddoChair
  • JnrChair
  • WondaChair
  • LilChair

February 5th, 2021

Children are increasingly studying from home during the pandemic, and we suspect that this might carry on post-pandemic as an option for some families.

What’s a study space where kids feel happy and inspired to spend their time? I think a desk that can be easily personalized is a good idea.

Our upcoming SmartDesk Junior will feature a built-in modular pegboard where children can put on diverse things: a bracelet they made themselves, drawings, shelves with books, headphones, plants, or anything that sparks joy in them.

Let us know what you think about desk customization?


This looks great, if it’s a study desk I think it would be great to integrate a top down light similar to a monitor bar to get optimum lighting on the study or drawing surface


Too bad your customers won’t have the opportunity to use it since you folks are so unreliable and refuse to give customers a proper response :slight_smile:

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Maybe keep customer complaints to the appropriate channels, we get your disappointed mate but plastering negative comments everywhere including dev forums is just as annoying for everyone else reading them.

I’m sure due to multiple reasons, pandemic, decrease in available staff, Chinese New Year etc they are working through a backlog and will get to your issue as soon as they can. We know in normal conditions these guys are good at CS so maybe cut them some slack and approach them with a more sympathetic tone.

They are still people after all

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Hi @ChunkyMonkey,

I have replied to you on a separate topic, please kindly check.

Thank you @Milkes so much for your comment. We will try to do better in the upcoming year :slight_smile:

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I personally don’t have children but I have lots of little cousins running around, and they love my desk! I have led strips lining the outside, so maybe that is an option you could look into for the future? Seems like something you may be able to integrate into the app or even the control pad.

These are just the things I think would be essential for a children’s desk, I believe you already have some of these in some of your desks.

  1. Safety Stop or collision detection to stop it from harming anyone or anything.
  2. Lockout mode, similar to a fridge or oven, prevents children from moving it whenever they aren’t supposed to.
  3. Easy to clean! My desk is already easy to clean so I don’t see that being an issue.

If you could make replaceable tops that once the kids get older, a new top could be added to turn the desk into a larger desk, that could be a huge value add as long as the desk legs and motors are still in good shape and can handle the larger top.

A whiteboard top would be cool to draw and do math problems on.

I really like @Milkes idea about the light!


I like where your heads at, it did make me think about “future proofing” the desk as they get older. Maybe having a premium sit/standing mechanism would allow the desk to grow with the kids. As you say they could potentially swap the desk elements and modular components, but the height should be adjustable so it can grow taller with the children.

Great ideas @clarkllc


Agree with you on this @clarkllc. I think they should have lockout to protect smaller children. And if they have a whiteboard desk surface, I’ll buy one for me too lol. Hopefully they can make that kind of top to sell individually so we can put them on our regular SmartDesk kit.


@clarkllc Great ideas. I think safety is the most important thing when creating a product for children. With lockout mode, everything seems fine they just need to ask their parents to help them adjust the desk height.


Can’t be agreed more. Should kids be taught how to use all the function of the product? And how to set up a smart desk kid?

Adjustability to be able to grow with the child is key.

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