SMD Junior - Let's talk about color!

We think that a touch of colors can bring out the personality and enhance an entire room. What do you think about these color combinations for SmartDesk Junior and ErgoChair Junior?

Combination 1: Pastel Pink + Lavender Purple
Combination 2: Red + Navy Blue
Natural Birch Wood + Forest Green

Which colors would you choose for your children’s learning space? But most importantly which are your kid’s 2 favorite colors? Feel free to show me a photo of colors you or your kids chose for their space!


All combos look good. A gray worksurface would be good too.

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I agree with @rchang on the gray worksurface. Also I think it would be useful to think of it in different combos as well. For instance that green could look good with the lavender as well. The color pairings you’ve made are safe choices though - a very “girly” - a very “boyish” and then a neutral selection. Atleast for starting out they are great. The color variety is always something you can expand with time should the product line prove popular.


I’m excited for this lineup! I love the built-in under the desk drawer. would even like this for my “adult” setup. “Combination 3: Natural Birch Wood + Forest Green” and “Combination 2: Red + Navy Blue” would be my top choice for my son.

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