Streamers/Gamers needed! What's your top 3 criteria when you look to purchase "Gaming" products?

Imagine we’ll be developing an ergonomic gaming line of products. What criteria would you look for? Are they the same as when you look for your home office supply? I believe that gaming chairs or gaming desks are famous for their look and feel. It screams “For Gamers” right when you look at it. But I need more precise opinions from you guys!


Comfort Features Price

Got your point! Would you say the look is the 4th criteria?


Gotta make sure it goes with my current decor.

The biggest thing for me is that it doesn’t scream “For Gamers”. I look for items that are minimal, that would also be at home in an office, but with a “interesting” design element (think mid-century/other retro, or neutrals with a small pop of colour, etc.). Next must-have is quality - something that will last. Last criteria would depend on the item (comfort, sound, size, etc.)


“Gamer Chairs” in the DXRacer style have been mocked in the enthusiast gaming space for a while now, and it’s slowly starting to bleed into the “mainstream 13 year old/general consumer market”. There are features you can provide to gamers, but to make a “gaming chair” you’ll have to reinvent what that word means. I’d lean towards your current lattice/post modern design, and away from the aestetic of most ‘gamer chairs’, your chairs already look really cool especially to gamers. Perhaps a dark gray and yellow/blue colour scheme would be neat though.

So then what are some features gamers actually want? Lets break these into “General Improvements” and “Gamer Features”.

Gamer Features:

Minimize noise. The arms on the Ergo2 squeak, I don’t care when I’m doing CAD work but if I’m streaming or recording I’d rather stand than risk ruining the audio of a clip, especially in more formal prerecorded settings.

Charging: I’d be cool to plug USB and 3.5mm audio devices into my chair and have my chair wirelessly send 3.5mm audio and/or USB to my PC, however it’d probably ruin latency, be expensive and just janky. However, I use wireless headphones and products often, if I could charge them from my chair, and there where a USB battery charger inside the seat, I’d actually get a lot of use from it and it’d be easy and cheap for you to pull off.

Speakers: 5.1 Surround sound really doesn’t exist in most gamers setups, no one has speakers set up behind them. If you where to put in the back channel surround sound speakers inside the headrest, I’d actually consider buying it, it’d be a really compact way to have surround sound w/o putting speakers on the wall/ground behind me.

VR Support: On the Oculus Quest 2, you can see your IRL couch, desk and keyboard. The couch and desk are not the same model as yours, but the keyboard feature only works with a single keyboard in collaboration with Logitech, so it’s the exact same 3D model as IRL. With either a direct colab or some sort of public API public, you could feasibly get Oculus to add 3D models for your chairs into VR, so that when I’m in VR I can see my cool looking Autonomous Chair.

General Improvements:

Full arm support adjustment, with a stronger lock/hold so it doesn’t move around. My ergo chair 2 is nearly perfect but the “arm adjustment peg resolution” is too low, the lowest arm setting is too low and the one above it is a few cm too high. I’d like a hydraulic system or at least a higher resolution.

Less violent headrest: Adjusting the height of the headrest on the ergo2 is scary, but in office or streaming environments it can be really distractive or cause headphone users of your stream ear damage/pain respectively.


High quality products for good prices, like not an uncomfortable chair or something, that’s 700 bucks. Also design! You should definitely also have good color options, such as white, black, and accent colors.

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I wish more gaming chairs came with the breathable mesh back. I got one for home during covid and it is really comfortable, except for the leather backing. I get warm and feel like I am sweating. I looked all over and unless I wanted to spend an ungodly amount of money, the options were just not in my price range.

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I would definitely have to say I loop customization/features and generally the look in one collective category for my number 1. My number 2 would have to be the price, and then the quality for 3.

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Just had an idea, using a “polygonal lattice” anywhere in the design would be neat and support its image as a gamer chair.