suggestions for a larger table top

I currently have the smart desk premium with the XL top and I’ve been trying to make it work for me for several months now but the depth of the table simply isn’t enough for me.

are there any suggestions for a tabletop that I could get that would work well with the smart desk premium? I imagine I would have to drill holes into it.

Hey! We’d recommend having a custom top if you want it to be larger. I’ve seen a lot of people do that using IKEA top or ask for customization at Home Depot. A little bit of DIY is needed, tho! I believe @mark.l.ammons could give you some recommendations.

Figure out what dimensions you want, and then just go to a nice carpenter and ask them to fabricate a tabletop for you. Or you can DIY it. I’m actually going to be adding a 6" strip of wood to my IKEA countertop to make it 31" deep instead of 25". You will need to drill holes but you can reuse your existing screws that came with the desk. As long as the table top is the same thickness today (or thicker).