The making of JUNIOR

Shame to say we didn’t log the whole process but here they are, better than nothing.

Sneak peek of my Design screen

All corners are made rounded. Even the frame’s legs are different from our regular SmartDesk. Here’s a side-by-side comparison. For SmartDesk Jr., we are using a new frame with a lower height range of 22" - 45", so anyone from 3’9 to 5’9 can use it.

The Control board is also simplified.

I’m excited to see the first SmartDesk Jr. being made. Here’s a sneak peek into the painting process in our Wood supplier’s factory.

Colors mixing took a lot of time as we want to make sure it’s the right tone and quality that we require. We want to make sure that the paint doesn’t have any toxic chemicals for children (and adults), and that TUV certification is included.

As @joana said, the first version of SmartDesk Jr doesn’t include tilt because we want to offer it as an option. We are looking into the tilt function for the second version.

ezgif-2-5 ezgif-2

We still need more input. Here are what you can do:

  1. What should we do for our 2nd version?
  2. What should we do for JUNIOR accessories?
  3. [Vote needed] Cute pen(cil) holders.

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I was interested in getting this for myself (adult) as I like the rounded edges on the frame, etc. is it possible to use this frame with the regular SmartDesk top? the pegboard looks nice but the way it attaches to the table top with exposed screws on top doesn’t look ideal, unfortunately. can that be just a clamp style like how other autonomous accessories attach to desks? that under the desk drawer would be sweet for adult version as well!

personally, I’d love to get this desk for myself, if I could get the desk without the pegboard section, in bamboo top, with options to not have wire grommets and if the entire desk was a bit smaller. looking great for first iteration!

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@autostuff Thanks for your quick response! It’s great to know that you like the new frame design. It actually can be used with other table tops in various size.

Do you think we should offer this desk and frame with different table top choices, and the pegboard as an option?

Also, do you mean you prefer the table without the grommet for cables management?

What table size are you looking for? The current table top we are using for this desk is 50.7" x 27.5" x 0.7", it’s smaller than our classic and premium table tops.

that’s great to hear that this new frame works with other table tops! rounded parts seem more polished and is safer when bumping into them :slight_smile:

yeah, different table tops for sure! pegboard could be optional, and if we could get rid of the exposed screws where the mount is for the pegboard, that would be much cleaner.

having an option to not have any grommet for any of the autonomous desks would be my wishlist :pray:

I do like this smaller desk size! if you look at Jarvis’ Fully ones, they offer various sizes, and more options would be nice, but I understand it may not be in autonomous’ interest. Looking forward to 2.0!

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