Under-desk Foot Rest

I’d love to see you guys create something similar to the ‘Flow Board’ but to be used as a dedicated footrest under desks. It would be great if it somehow attached to the base of the desks so it didn’t move.


I like the idea! I’ve been looking for a foot rest that doesn’t sit on the floor because it always bumps into the wheels of my chair and having it attached to the table itself would be nice. If you could use your feet to “release” it so it would fold up when you don’t want it down anymore would also be cool to see.

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@Kevin_S Would love to hear more of what you guys think about this. Do you prefer a static footrest or something that can follow your legs position (moving back and forth)?

The footrest is exactly what I’m looking for. I found it’s uncomfortable when my legs are hovering, especially when I’m in my sleep. And I prefer a flexible footrest which can be changed with my different position.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean by following leg position. I was just envisioning a static footrest where the high/angle might adjust. But, it sounds like something the team may have already thought about :slight_smile:

I meant it could be a fabric type of footrest like this foot hammock that kinda follows your legs movements :smiley: Or would you prefer a solid type of footrest like in the second photo?

It’s too hard to choose! :smile:

If I had to select only one, I’d say option 2 that sits on the floor so that it can be adjusted depending on what screen I’m looking at/what I’m working on. I feel like the hammock wouldn’t be as flexible and they don’t seem to work well in office settings where desks are often pushed together. I’d kick my teammate alllllll day.

I can see someone trying to “hack” the hammock using resistance exercise bands and tipping a loaded desk over :joy:

@RChang, I can already see the video suggestions.

Recommended Videos: “How to hack your desk with rubber bands” “Epic Desk Fail” “Workout while working fail”

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