Under desk workstation holder

Have an attachment for under the desk to hold your desktop workstation so when the desk goes up, the desktop workstation goes up as well. Right now if you have a desktop machine on the floor under the desk, the cords coming out of the tower get stretched as the desk is raised. This is something similar to what the other standing desk companies have.

I was thinking just a flat platform that you could hook to one of the legs to sit the desktop on. I thought about building one but never got around to it.

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Are you talking about a desk undermount for a PC tower case, a printer etc? Like this one from Mount It? [CPU Under Desk Mount Computer Tower Holder MI-7150 – Mount-It! (mount-it.com)] (https://mount-it.com/products/mount-it-under-desk-mount-computer-tower-holder-mi-7150

Yeah, but I was thinking more of a narrow platform.

“adjustable frame, ranging in height from 11.8” to 21" and widths ranging from 3.5" to 8". Seems pretty narrow to me?

I’d like to see this as an option also. A mount on the frame would be great. I did a quick design of my new office (moving soon) and would love for the pc mount to be like this.


This could be a great accessory. However I don’t think they’d go all the way to make it. Maybe they’ll source from accessory companies, choose one that fits their desk and sell it. Much more efficient, cheaper than producing themselves, I think.

We have a storage space for our SmartDesk Jr. but it’s rather small. It’s not like a PC holder, but I think we can have more storage for standing desks like ours.

@justinj1023 You drew this? This is impressive! We’re thinking of having this accessory to go with our gaming line (coming soon!), but one thing we’re taking caution of is it might affect the motion of the desk as we put more weight on it. If we’re selling this, we should making a clear disclaimer, don’t you think?

I did draw this, but decided against it and plan to put the PC on the file cabinet. I changed the desk to the L-shaped option also. Disclaimer most definitely needed, especially since it will put some extra strain on the motor on one leg.

I was under the impression these motors could lift up to 300 lbs? I mean how much does a workstation weigh? 40lbs max?

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I have always had a pretty hefty amount of weight on my desk and have never really noticed it speeding up or slowing down based on weight. I have noticed if it sits for a few days with weight on it, whenever I make a height adjustment it makes one “pop” before it starts moving. I believe this is just a safety mechanism or something to make sure it doesn’t droop. 2 years going strong!

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@justinj1023 This looks more spacious with the L-shaped. And if you have a PC case with lots of lights like the gaming one, showing it at desktop level is perfect. I saw you intended to mount the monitor on the wall in the first photo. Seems like it’s not a good option for when you use a motorized standing desk, no?

@Geo They could. I mean it’s not much of a big deal, but we better be safe than sorry. Some people have lots of stuff on their desk, like multiple monitors and their equipment (such as producer). I think Autonomous is able to do this PC holder, but extra steps need to be taken to make sure our customers are happy with it :smiley:

@clarkllc Fingers-crossed :rofl: Anyway weight affects the performance of the desk so we always need to be extra careful.

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