We apply Hybrid app to our team at Autonomous!

Hey it’s me Joana! I’m in charge on CS for the Hybrid project of @nktam. We decided to implement Hybrid to our CS team. If you want to test it out and voice your feedback, check out this topic.

The idea is we want to log CS team’s attendance throughout the week using Hybrid app without using excel sheet. This is also a good approach to test out the app in a real office with more employees before introducing it to the world. So here goes our takes

  1. User validation email from hybrid@autonomous.ai was in spam inbox. User must remove Spam tag to click the link :arrow_right: Recheck email flow

  2. When we input emails to invite to Hybrid, a semicolon (;) is needed between the emails. If we use commas (,), the error box shows Email empty or email not valid :arrow_right: This message should be clearer to inform users of the exact error.

  3. Unable to drag-drop file into Import CSV.

  4. When choosing check-in/out time: Clicking on a date => Page loads, then clicking on a time => Page loads. This goes the same with choosing check-out time. This is kinda annoying. Users should be able to choose both before the page gets loaded.

  5. Timezone to be defined by location.

  6. @Camila misunderstood that the Check-in and Check-out time is the time booked, not the time suggested for booking.

  1. When getting to the booking page, users get to choose (a) book by selecting date & time first, (b) book by selecting workstation first.

  2. User’s name overlaps nearby workstation

image (1)

  1. Member B’s screen does not show member A’s booking

  1. Map rotation: Users had difficulty in identifying where their workstation is.

Yesterday we also tested out our mobile application and hardware integration with the SmartDesk Hybrid (that will be used along with this Hybrid application).

Some comments from me when I tested the app:

  • Desk controlling icon looks like normal Setting icon (the gear icon :gear:)
  • When pairing the application with the desk via Bluetooth: Instruction to turn on the desk’s Bluetooth was unclear.
  • Lighting on keypad for when the desk’s Bluetooth was turned on was unclear.
  • No paired successfully notification.

We’ll continue to test out the app as well as hardware integration.

We’re so thrilled to have Hybrid Beta testing implemented in our Autonomous office in the upcoming weeks! The system will support booking on our mobile application calling Autonomous App (Beta). Autonomous personnel whom interested in testing this app can sign up, our team will grant access to the app’s Testflight.

As Joana wrote above, we also tested out the hardware integrationgration with the SmartDesk Hybrid. However we currently have only 2 desks to test :sweat_smile:, better than nothing!

And here’s our response to Joana’s feedback:

  1. I’ll recheck this using your email. For email flow, we’ll simplify it by skipping the active status so user can register and use the app right away.
  2. Commas will be regconizable after update
  3. This is an input file window, not supporting drag & drop at the moment. Maybe the UI doesn’t reflect this. Our UI @huyphan will take a look at this.

Commented by @duy, this can be redone using user’s real name with a profile picture to recognize other people more easily, especially for business version, when everyone works for the same office.

On other points, we’ll take a closer look as they don’t act as high priorities to us.