We're thinking of developing a gaming line..

As the title said, we’re looking to enter the gaming market. We’re currently studying and researching popular brands with gamers targeting.

For gaming chairs, I personally think they sell well for their look (I mean they look cool and comfortable) but are not optimized to sit for long hours. The lumbar support is quite uncomfortable and the air flow does not do good with leather. Do you guys own gaming chairs/desks? What do you think?

I also need to come up with some color palettes for the first person. Let me know your thoughts!

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I think this is great but I’d warn against going too “gamer” as gaming desks are mostly gimmicky, the vast majority of my gaming community (1,000+) use traditional desks and add gaming flair themselves with RGB strips, gaming desks traditionally are too small and lack storage. They also appeal to a younger teen market when it’s actually the 21-45 yo market that dominates this space on socials


Features that would be well received are things like USB pass through, wireless charging, modular components like screen shelves, motorised desk legs ( you already do ) and under desk storage. I still believe White and Wood effect are the most desirable

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I agree. We’ve been studying that “gaming desks” through exhibitions and stuff, I myself think they’re not appealing to a wider range of audiences. I’m suggesting having detachable LED strips so it’s customizable. And market it as gaming line.

Riiiight, I forget those features. I think gaming desk is an easier one. What do you think about gaming chair? I think they sell well because of their look?

I think there needs to be a USP with a gaming chair to make it stand out, as there are thousands of copy paste designs, whether that’s improved lumbar support (not a cushion) and more adjustable points, gaming chairs largely aren’t that comfortable, particularly in the cheaper price points

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To be completely honest with you, we’re planning on testing 4 kinds of chairs in the gaming line (this might change, of course). 2 will look like usual gaming chairs, with some improvement to their features, such as lumbar support, arm rests and maybe material. One other is developed from Kinn chair (bc I think its back looks cool enough), and the last one we’re designing a brand new model.

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I myself and most people here believe that gaming chairs sell well for their look, bc most of the time you shop online, you won’t know if they’re comfortable until you get your hands on them, so they must look comfortable, and cool.

they clearly do especially in the last year, but as you say Secret Labs and now Razer do stand out with premium materials and a few extra design elements to make them stand out

I’m looking into Marvix, also. They’ve been sponsoring Sykkuno and Valkyrae. They have the look of both ergonomic office chair and gaming chair, so very impressive to me! I hope we can develop our Kinn like that for gaming.

On the other hand, do you have any color palette in mind? Most of the palettes I thought of is similar to those on the market, since they’re collaborating with lots of titles

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franchise chairs look great but I know most people sell them on quickly once the novelty wears off in particular the brighter colour schemes, I think you can’t go wrong with various shades of grey,white, black and do a female colour and male colour

White, Pink, and as Mr Jones would say - blue, red, black, and gray. If you occasionally can score some kind of theming that’s cool but it’s more a gimmick than a need(unless it’s FFXIV then uh… Where is my wallet) @anbui

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If you are going to include lighting then it needs to be compatible with as many of the different sync systems as possible (these folks could probably be reached out to on advice on how to ensure that: https://rgbsync.com/)

battery rechargeable heated lumbar support like in my car :sweat_smile: :fire: that is a back aches best friend

I’m a couch gamer, I have a number of nephews and younger cousins who are legitimate gamers - in clans, fairly competitive, and live-streamers on Twitch. None of them are interested in a “gamer” specific desk UNLESS it’s going to give them a competitive advantage in some way, or provide them with the ability to hook up their gear and get into the action. RGB stuff is all lost on them because the desk is never in the frame of the stream; it’s the stuff behind them that is in the camera (sometimes). Their gear is what matters most to them. Controllers, keyboards, mics, headsets, monitors with the fastest refresh they can handle etc. EDIT - so unless you have a desk that is going to provide them with a hub of some kind to plug their gear in, they could care less. It’s got to be big “enough”, and strong enough to hold their gear. Built in cable management and then some kind of storage to hold headsets, controllers etc. That’s what they care about. Probably a cup holder too ! :wink:


100% agree, gaming desks often aren’t wide enough, I’d say 180cm is the sweet spot but most gaming desks seem to be closer to 120cm, given most pc gamers have their pc on top of the desk it needs to be wide enough to fit that and have space to play

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I want to further echo what @Milkes said about the desks needing USB pass throughs etc. Probably a better effort would be showing “gamers” how a “regular” desk can be used for a gamer with a few small tweaks. Undermounting the computer case, etc.


yep, you can offer components on a modular basis so people can design the space and add ons themselves

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This is kind of funny because @anbui and I were having a conversation earlier about the convenience of having port passthroughs for USB or other ports even. The amount it helps with cable management is kind of crazy.

We were discussing my accessory list and why i like the power outlet - you know other than that i’m getting older and crawling under desks to plug in a laptop you brought in sucks. And it was so I wouldn’t have to waste those precious ports on my mounted USB hub just to charge my phone. WTB more ports - have too many things that have dongles that want to be plugged in. I blame my CAC reader. It started it

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