Where are the replacement parts?

Within [https://www.autonomous.ai/help-center/policy/warranty-policy,‘the warranty policy page’] it states:

Replacement parts are now being sold separately for Autonomous product(s), which are bought directly from Autonomous only.

In my case, after just over a year, the left arm rest cushion on my Ergo Chair has developed a split. I’d like to get it replaced with a new pad, but finding the replacement parts had completely eluded me. Can someone point to where such a thing might be?

Hey @joshjohnsonux, by the time I received your feedback, I assigned a team member to help you with the issue above. Hopefully, everything has been resolved. Would you mind updating the result here so I can assist you better?

Appreciate it :heart:

So after some digging, it turns out you can’t directly browse and buy replacement parts, but if you speak with customer support, they can source a replacement part for you. If it’s under warranty, then the cost is covered, but if it’s outside warranty, they can associate the charge to your account. Once paid, the part will be shipped to you.

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Hi @joshjohnsonux, I’m really glad that the team helped you well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: