Where do you work remotely? (Other than home)

Title. Where do you work other than home?

What are your go-to workplace before and during the pandemic? I believe that lots of people work at cafes or co-working spaces, but the covid hits so is there any place that offers safe remote work location?

Any insight is appreciated.

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Hey! Welcome to Autonomous Labs!

In my view, I despise small screens and slow laptops, so working at home is my top choice. If I’m choosing anywhere else, I’d go for cafes, isn’t noises at cafes are white noises?

I did some remote working in coffee shops but find that it’s not practical for long work hours, and it gets expensive without company allowances. I also get my work done in public libraries sometimes. It’s usually quiet and good to focus but wifi is often bad!

Coffee shop usually if I need a break from the office or the home office. But these days it’s very hard unless all you’re doing is writing because screen real estate is king.

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Totally agree with @RChang and @anbui ! Screen real estate is king and I need to have a big monitor…otherwise I feel so constrained with a small screen and feel so much less productive.


Since I am still a student, I often work from Campus during the times when I am not at my desk, I agree with the screen real estate 100%. I sometimes bring my iPad Pro which is the 11" model and use the sidecar feature (it allows you to use the iPad as a secondary display seamlessly) but it still isn’t a great deal compared to my dual monitor desk setup. I just kinda “make do” with what I have and then scurry home as quick as I can.

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